5 comments on “Bout of Books 10 – Day Two

  1. oooh your battle royale was excellent! Seichan can kick all butt all day, to be honest! I’m now itching to go read a Sigma Force novel… that is where she’s from, right? Or have I got my books mixed up again?

    • Yup, she’s from the Sigma novels. One of my all-time favorite characters (yeah, the other two ladies really didn’t stand a chance). And to think that James Rollins was originally going to kill her off! She – or a character very much like her – was in a scene that ultimately got deleted from his first novel, Subterranean. He liked her so much that he resurrected her for Map of Bones.

      • Interesting! I never knew all of that… I have read a couple of sigma novels out of order, but it’s a series that I wish I have read in order.

  2. another great day! I’m sad I missed the Google chat – I need to go online and watch it. I’m hoping to participate in the Twitter chat this evening. Happy reading today!

    • I actually missed the Twitter chat. I was half-watching some of the responses, but I just didn’t have it in me tonight to jump into the fray.

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