28 comments on “Bout of Books 10 – Day One

  1. Glad you had mostly a good time in the chat. I don’t do Twitter at all. It stinks to not be part of such a huge part of it, but it’s just not the site for me. I’m too long winded for it!! My Day 1 was pretty darn awesome!! :)

    • I was rather late to the Twitter party, but it’s my favorite social media by far. My lack of brevity is an issue sometimes… but that’s what multiple tweets are for! Glad you had a good first day as well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Sounds like an awesome day 1 for you! I’ve always wanted to read the books that Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child write, but even though I have a few I haven’t yet gotten to one. So many books, so little time – the readers mantra, lol.

    • The Pendergast series is one of my favorites! He’s just so interesting to read… but yes, it always comes back to time, doesn’t it? Thanks for reading!

  3. Ok that’s a majorly successful day 1 :) I did pretty good to my own standards, managed to read almost 100 pages (which is my usual average daily page count during BoB).

    • I usually have a really strong Day One and then taper down. I’ll read more tonight, I’m sure, but right now I’m barely over 100 pages… not that that’s bad, but it just seems small compared to yesterday. But… it’s about the amount of fun, not the number of pages!

    • I didn’t think I was going to finish that book, but I powered through the last 50 pages or so. Not that it wasn’t good, but… sleep is good too, you know?

  4. Great first day – nice job! I’m pretty happy with day one and had fun with my first BoB Twitter chat!

    • Well, that was quite a chat for being your first one! They’re always fast-paced, but like I said, this one was like nothing I’d ever seen!

  5. Awesome first day! I’m always glad to see when I’m not the only one who does an “insane” amount of reading (you beat me by two pages), makes me feel less like a freak *laughs*

    That twitter chat was absolutely astounding. It was my second-ever twitter chat and all I could do practically was watch the tweets come in bunches, so ridiculous! I did manage to still read a bunch of the tweets and retweet and reply to some though, thankfully! It’ll be interesting to see what the chat will be like on Wednesday….

    • It really was a whirlwind! I would guess Wednesday evening would be even crazier… but with how many international participants there are, maybe not. Thanks for stopping by!

      • Yeah, I’m leaning more toward it being even crazier as well because even though a lot of the international participants won’t be able to attend, it might even out with the participants who were at work on Monday.

        Only a few more hours til we know for sure! :D

    • I had to force myself to narrow it down to only three. I’m normally not big on recommendations, since we all like different things, so it was fun to sort of let my imagination run wild with this one.

    • So intense! I actually had a bit of a headache when it was all over from trying to read the words as they flew by.

  6. Oh my gosh, that chat was NUTS. In the best possible way, haha! I have notifications for twitter turned on for my phone only if someone replies to me and I was having so many conversations that I actually froze my Messages app. Haha. Totally worth it though – and yay for lots of reading done. Can’t wait to see your updates mañana!

    • I always turn my phone notifications off for Twitter chats… I can’t concentrate with it going off every few seconds (which makes me sound way more popular than I really am).

  7. Wow! Fantastic start to the read-a-thon! I’m so disappointed that I couldn’t take part in the first bout of books twitter chat! Hopefully next time.
    I hope the rest of the read-a-thon goes as well as your first day for you! Good luck! :D

  8. That’s amazing! You accomplished so much! I’m not officially taking part in Bout of Books but reading everyone’s updates is making me wish I was :)

  9. I am super jealous of your ability to read so much in one day! I consider it a super successful day if I read more than 60 pages. I’m such a slow reader but I still enjoy it. :) I am really curious about the intensity of these Twitter chats now.

    • Well, with 1200 people signed up… not that there are that many people at the chat, but they’re always the biggest I’ve ever been to, and this was the biggest yet. We were getting spammers within about 5 minutes!

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