8 comments on “Depression and (a Surprising Lack of) Hyperbole

    • So often I’ll read about someone else’s depression and think, “I totally get it…” but what Allie does such a great job of is making it so people who don’t normally get it can get it too.

  1. You know, I’ve known about her blog for a long time, and I’ve read it occasionally, but I have this weird habit of avoiding stuff that’s popular and trendy and everyone else likes. Like, the more popularity it gets, the less I like it. I know, I’m such a hipster. =/ Sigh!

    ANYWAY, my point is that thanks to your post, I really think I ought to give the blog — and the book — another try, because I think I would actually like it. So. Thanks. :)

    • Oh, I know how that goes. I don’t know that I actively reject things so much as I just don’t think they’ll live up to the hype. (And thanks for visiting!)

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