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  1. Glad to hear you caught the readathon bug! I had something similar happen with the sleepy feelings, too…I couldn’t help myself and ended up dozing off from about 4-6, which totally wasn’t what I planned.

    • It certainly wasn’t what I’d planned. I think a few naps throughout the day would be the way to go if I wanted to try staying active for as much time as possible. Going until I just couldn’t stay awake anymore and then only getting a couple hours made for a very painful Sunday.

  2. Hey Charleen, You made it! Well done. I know you were skeptical about Dewey’s going into it, but you managed to read a STACK of books! Hope to see you again in October (if not another #readathon somewhere else!)

  3. I’m not into audiobooks either. Glad I’m not the only one…I’ve tried a few times, but rather would read them myself than have something read to me. My wife and I once did listen to a BBC radio drama of The Two Towers, and that was pretty cool, but it was a long trip and we had the time to devote to it, plus it was several different voices, not just one droning on and on.

    • There’s just no good set of circumstances that add up to me enjoying audiobooks. If I’m driving or exercising, I’d really rather listen to music. If I’m doing just about anything else, my mind will start drifting and I’ll lose focus on the book. If I just sit and listen… well, like you, I’d rather be reading myself.

  4. Holy moly that is a lot of pages read – congrats! I’ve only listened to snippets of the Harry Potter audiobooks (my husband loves them & I’ve caught a chapter or two in the car with him) and as much as I’ve said I like audio for re-reads, the HP narrator is so not my favorite. He pronounces quite a few things very strangely and it can definitely be distracting. I hope you find audiobooks you like better though, they are definitely not all the same :)

    Oh and I love your idea of going to the library for this — I think that’s great for limiting around-the-house distractions which are likely to be my downfall!

    • I know that audiobooks live and die by their narrators, and yeah, I wasn’t a fan of this one (though I know many people think he did a great job). I do wish I had access to the Stephen Fry version, just out of curiosity.

  5. You did far better than I did. Your reading stats are fantastic!

    I think next readathon I’m going to announce to the people in my house that I’m not doing a damn thing but read that day–no cooking, no talking, no nothing. I’m going to lock myself in a separate room and they can pretend I don’t exist. Haha!

    • Yeah, I’m lucky in that it’s only the two of us right now, and he can keep himself occupied with video games for hours. I also had the foresight to make sure we had leftovers available for dinner (though I suppose I also could have just made him cook). I’m sure the more people are around, the more potential for interruptions.

  6. Oh wow, that’s some impressive results! I had very laid back approach this time, but the event was still a lot of fun :) I can see how Hyperbole and a Half, and also children’s books make good choices (I had one childhood favourite in my list as well, but I didn’t even get that far).

    • Ha, me too. I’m still recovering… nowhere near as bad as yesterday, but still just kind of dragging. (Although it’s a dreary day, and that certainly doesn’t help.)

  7. Great progress! This is one read-a-thon that I’m leery of joining because I just don’t do well with read-a-thons this short – even weekend ones are a little too short for me to get any real reading done.

    I LOVED the Harry Potter series, but I wouldn’t read it on audiobook either, I have never had luck with audiobooks. I just can’t stand most of the narrators I’ve heard – and I’m easily distracted. :D

    if you love the Nancy Drew books you should check out the John Bellairs’ books – he’s got a couple different series but they are all mysteries with creepy undertones and I love his characters! i discovered them when I was in middle school and FLEW through them – and then since i had borrowed all of them from my library and didn’t own any of them, I went on a buying spree when I found them on bookcloseouts.com one year, so I’m happy to own quite a few of them now! I plan on a massive binge re-read one of these days :D A lot of his books feature little illustrations of one of my favorite illustrators (much like Quentin Blake did for Roald Dahl’s books), Edward Gorey. <33

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

    • I kept dismissing it too because I didn’t think the one-day thing was for me. I still prefer a longer event, but it was a lot of fun and I’ll definitely do it again. And audiobooks really aren’t my thing either. I can’t do something else and still follow what’s going on in the story (not so much an issue if it’s something I’ve read before, but still sort of defeats the purpose). And the activities that might work well for it – driving or exercising – I’d really rather listen to music. I won’t ever be an audiobook person, but the read-a-thon was the perfect opportunity to give them a chance.

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