10 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #19

  1. I hope your friend is okay and it is not too serious.
    I’ve never heard of this custom Google search thing so I’m looking at it next!
    I’ll also be checking out your vodka sauce recipe since it is something that both of my kids love but I’ve never been able to find an easy recipe.
    And I’m 30 too and only ever had 2 complete medicals – one four years ago before this wonderful country would give me permanent residency. And the second time was last year before a pretty major surgery. My experience was pretty much just lots of prodding, blood tests, and xrays. Maybe they weren’t as complete a they could’ve been.I think it is something we should all do more frequently, but then again I’m not a huge fan of doctors!

    • My friend was released today, so that’s good news. Then I found out today that an uncle-in-law was also in the hospital, so we were waiting to hear on his condition, but it sounds like he’s okay too. So… no unexpected trips out of town! (At least for now…) But it’s been a stressy 24 hours.

  2. That custom search engine is so cool! I had no idea you could do that & definitely might need to try it out for myself. I hope your friend is OK and things go well at the doctor — I’m sure they go a little overboard if you’ve never been before.

    I really am liking the selection on that Amazon list. I think I’m more likely to read books off that one than the ITW list since thrillers aren’t my “go-to” genre. I do enjoy a good thriller or mystery though and have been missing them lately since it’s been a while since I read one.

    • Oh, I’ve been to this doctor several times, but only for a physical. Never for… extra stuff. Whatever that extra stuff is. I know we talked about it when I set up the appointment, but I can’t be expected to remember these things! (Oh… I am? Whoops.)

  3. Glad to see in other comments that your friend was released and your in-law appears to be okay also. Hospital trips are miserable. I am a hospital visits veteran, the queen of hospital trips, and I will be happy as a clam if I am never in another damn hospital ever again.

    • I have lots of experience visiting hospitals, none actually being admitted. I hope you remain hospital-free for a long time!

  4. I hope that your friend is doing better. I see that you are participating today, so I’m assuming that it is at least looking up, right?!?

    Good luck with your doctor’s appointment on Monday!

    • Yes, he was released on Friday and everything seems fine. Of course, then Friday we found out that my husband’s uncle was in the hospital too… but nothing too serious. I mean, serious enough to be in the hospital, I guess, but not serious enough to warrant our taking a 6-hour round trip to visit him.

      (Then again, my husband and I are both rather desensitized to hospitals, since that both our fathers spend/t so much time in them. That’s probably going to bite us in the rear someday when we don’t realize how serious something is… but up till now it’s been quite useful in keeping anxiety levels down.)

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