4 comments on “ITW Must-Reads: Killing Floor

    • Ha! No, I think it was just coincidental timing. This felt like a solid 3-star pretty much the whole way through. I did have your comment in the back of my mind, so I was even thinking extra hard about if I could bump it up to a 4 or down to a 2… and no, neither one made sense. But it’s possible some of my earlier ratings could have been 3’s, but my gut reaction was affected by my expectation, for better or worse… so maybe your words did have an effect, but in making me more honest with myself, not messing me up!

  1. I read one of the Jack Reacher books for my neighborhood book club. It felt a little strange because it was like book 17 or something in the series. It stood on its own surprisingly well, but it was just kind of okay in my book.

    • Yeah, a lot of mystery/thriller series are like that. In my opinion, in the best ones the story will stand alone, while the characters continue to grow… so reading the others in the series makes it better, but it’s not really a requirement (unless you’re anal about it like I am).

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