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  1. My last major disappointment was The Anxiety of Kalix the Werewolf (the giant paperback ARC is still sitting next to me as I type this – 647 pages!). I loved the first two books in the series and was sooooo looking forward to this one, then did a major squee-y happy dance when the publisher sent me the ARC…and then I was just kinda bored the whole time. It felt like the author had forgotten how to write these characters in between books and it read like not good fanfic. :(

  2. Thanks for having the courage to write a negative review! I wish more bloggers and reviewers would do so. It’s important to be honest about our expectations and disappointments.

    • In my monthly round-ups I’ll mention the good, the bad, and the DNFs, and if anyone asks why I didn’t like something, I won’t temper my opinions (though I make it clear they’re just my opinions). But I’d rather just let it go and move on, and focus more on the books I did like. I don’t know that it’s a lack of honesty as much as just how I want to spend my time and effort. But in this case, I did feel like I had to address it.

    • Yeah, I didn’t love that one… but I also wasn’t that invested in the series, so I think I was able to accept it for what it was without being super disappointed.

  3. I’ve got to second Allegiant. It was such a hot mess. I wasn’t that upset about THE BIG TWIST in that, but it was sloppy and bleh. I hate when that happens.

    • Yeah, that’s pretty much how I felt about it. I liked finding out all the background information, and I didn’t hate where the story went (the romance got a little eye-roll-y… though, to be fair, I feel that way about a lot of romance). But the execution was definitely off.

  4. Pretty sure that everyone has been disappointed one time or another. I have often wondered if authors that write glowing remarks for a back cover aren’t paid.

    • I’ve thought the same thing, which is why I don’t put much stock in those blurbs. I prefer to rely on fellow readers for opinions.

  5. A straight up thriller, I really wouldn’t have been expecting that either. It’s always so disappointing when a much anticipated book falls flat. And really that synopsis is misleading, it definitely implies paranormal. Not good PR as I think many will feel the same as you.

    My last disappointment…..Hmmhh…Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason. It was just ridiculous and I DNF. Hate that when I love the first two books.

  6. I’ve got a review copy of the newest book by an author I’ve come to really like this year, and I’m desperately worried that’s going to be the next book that enormously disappoints me. I hate it when it happens! I’m with you — it’s not fun to write negative reviews. I’d write all positive ones if I could.

  7. I’m sorry it was so disappointing! I hate getting stuck with a book that isn’t for me, and I also don’t like writing entirely negative reviews (I used to write more of them than I do now). I appreciate reading thoughtful negative reviews like this one, though. It helps me decide whether the book will match my taste. Sometimes I’ve even decided to buy a book based on its negative reviews (probably not in this case, though!).

    • Yes, negative reviews can be super-helpful, as long as the reviewer is specific about why they didn’t like it. (If they can be, anyway. A lot of times I’m not even sure why I don’t like something; in those cases I just chalk it up to being “not for me” and move on.)

  8. That does sound disappointing. I don’t want to constantly hear about aborted fetuses and i would have felt cheated if I didn’t get the cross genre feel that was pitched in the description.

    • After finishing the book I went back and read the description again seeing if maybe I just misinterpreted it. I don’t feel like I did… and even though we’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, that definitely played a part too. I think I wouldn’t have cared for it anyway, because of all those other things I mention, but my misguided expectations certainly didn’t help.

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