13 comments on “Back to the Favorites Wrap Up

  1. I tried that Dewey read a thon once – it was intense for me cause I really did literally try to read not do anything else. staying awake is you know hard – don’t lay in bed and read!

    • Even accepting that I won’t stay awake that long… I don’t know that I can read for that long even during the time that I am awake. It will be an interesting experience, I guess, if I do sign up. And if it all falls apart, well, at least Bout of Books is just a couple weeks later.

    • It’s definitely not for everyone. I’m a little strange in that the first book is my favorite, whereas most people who’ve read the whole series say the opposite.

  2. I have a strange affection for re-reading, although I don’t allow myself to indulge nearly as often as I like! I love seeing new things in a book when I take the time to read it again, especially since I usually read as quickly as possible when reading a book for the first time. I’ve been re-reading all of the Outlander books this year, currently in the middle of the last 2 published before the new one comes out in June. Other than that, I did love re-reading The Shining last fall!

    • The Shining was a great re-read! I liked it the first time around, but I got so much more out of it the second time (of course, reading it in a group probably helped as well).

      • I got a lot more out of it on re-read too — although I suppose that’s also attributable to the difference between reading a book in your teens vs reading a book as a *mature* (*old*) adult.

  3. TBRR … I love that!

    I really enjoy revisiting some of my favorite books! My most recent re-reads have been The Eyes of the Dragon and The Shining by Stephen King, both of which were better the second time around … and I liked them the first time. I also frequently re-read the Harry Potter series, at the moment it is with my kids.

    I’ve really been wanting to get in a few re-reads and I still hope to this year. The first one is Inkheart, so I can finish out that series. I also really want to re-read one of my faves, Wicked by Gregory Maguire. I’ve already read that one a few times, but want to revisit it again before finishing out that series as well. And, I have really been wanting to re-read the Newsflesh trilogy too. I had so much fun with that one!

  4. That’s great that you are back in the re-reading zone. Spending time with my favourites was really rewarding for me too and I’m going to ensure that I allocate plenty of time to it from now on. Thanks for taking part :)

    • It was definitely the kick in the pants I needed. I plan to stick with re-reads on Saturday for Dewey’s too (though that’s partially just because it’s the only way I’d be able to jump around to different books throughout the day… trying to stay flexible is tough when you’re a monogamous reader!) and I’ll probably try to focus on even more during Bout of Books next month!

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