17 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #17

  1. This is actually kind of embarrassing but since moving to Toronto I still haven’t registered for a library card. Your post just reminded me! Maybe I’ll do it for your library week (not sure when Canada’s is?)

    • For years I kind of forgot all about the library, or only used it for school. It wasn’t until I was in college and working at one, and in addition to your scholarly non-fiction I was checking out a lot of recreational reading to people, that I was like… oh right, it’s not just for school!

      • Haha fair enough! I used to go to the library so much in Vancouver… I guess my book buying habit took over after the move :P Time to go get a card!

  2. The only ITW nominee I read from the list is The One I Left Behind by Jennifer McMahon — I’m really loving her stuff (especially this year’s The Winter People) and want to read her backlist as well. The one good thing about the first novel award is if you love it, you’re starting with the author at the beginning!

    I think a 24 hour readathon is a bit much for me, but I love the idea of the 24 in 48 readathon over on A Home Between Pages — I had a conflict when it happened last weekend, but really hope to join the next round.

    • I think 24 in 48 would be more my speed, except I run into the same problem as with Bloggiesta, in that my weekends are so sporadic that I never know if I’ll have time for stuff like this until I’m in the middle of it. Yeah, I could announce, “Hey, I’m doing this thing this weekend,” but then I feel bad ignoring my husband. (Although, maybe I should be taking advantage of it while I can; it’s a lot easier to ignore him than to ignore him plus kids!)

  3. Congrats on your seven-year anniversary!!

    I tend to revise my ratings down, only very occasionally up. My instinct is to want to love books, even if I know in my heart that I didn’t love-love them.

    • Occasionally that happens too – I think it depends on the book, or the author, or even my mood. But when I rate down, I think 3-down-to-2 would be the most common. It’s those books I didn’t have strong feelings about one way or the other… whereas I’m so stingy with my 5-star ratings as it is, that I’m more likely to be too stingy than not stingy enough.

  4. Congrats on your wedding anniversary! How exciting! I loved Dewey’s Read-a-Thon last year and I can’t wait to do it again this time. I hope you end up jumping in :)

  5. I love Dewey’s. Think of it as a reading sprint. How many pages can you read & try beat it next time. Or be a cheerleader. They need more. Visit a group of blogs or twitter & cheer on the readers attempting to stay up 24 hours.

    • I’ll probably sign up, it just feels rather awkward when I know I won’t be reading for 24 hours. But it seems like most people don’t, so… I dunno. I guess marathons are more my thing than sprints.

  6. Happy Anniversary … a little late!! I hope you ended up having a great time!!

    I’m still debating the readathon too. I typically do much better in the week-long events, but I did participate this last fall and it went well. My only concern is that I have a girl scout event with my daughter that day in the morning and want to spend some time taking pictures. I would have the whole afternoon and evening though. I guess we will see what I decide to do!

    • I really want to do it, I’m just wary in case something else comes up for that weekend. It feels awkward to me to sign up for something and then not give it my all, even if it’s supposed to be for fun.

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