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  1. I love re-reading old favorites, particularly ones that I associate with certain times in my life. I hope the three books you’ve chosen will be as good (or better!) this time as they were the first time you read them. I’ll have to check out your post on “Life After Life.” I read it last year (devoted two posts to it in April 2013), and had a mixed reaction. It was too grim and tedious for my taste.

    • I just felt like there was no point to it. It seemed like it was all going to come together in the end… and then it went on for about another twenty pages past what I was expecting, and I ended up more confused than ever. My first re-read has already turned me around, and I’m looking forward to the others.

      • Yeah, I can see that (it’s been a year since I read it–so the details aren’t so clear for me anymore). I just remember struggling to get through it from beginning to end because of the grim subject matter. The novel managed to keep my interest, though.

        I’m glad to hear that your first re-read has been effective!

  2. I love to re-read, but rarely do it lately. I usually blame blogging for the lack of time to re-read, but your make an excellent point about GoodReads and the online bookish community in general expanding our TBR lists — that is the true culprit for me as well.

    This read-a-thon sounds like fun & I hope you enjoy it — it’s too short a window for me, but it’s a good reminder to read a few books for the year-long re-reading challenge I joined. It’s more a reminder to me it’s OK to put the TBR pile aside once in a while, but it hasn’t happened yet for 2014!

    • I may very well extend it, especially since this is already a full weekend for me. But it’s a good excuse to take a look at what books I want to re-read, and try to make time for them in the future.

    • Yes, the pressure of the TBR is a big part of why I don’t re-read as much as I’d like to. But when it comes to time investment, I KNOW I’m getting a good reading experience if I pick up an old favorite. Or at least, it’s much less of a gamble than a new-to-me book (or, more specifically, a new-to-me author… reading through backlists of authors I’ve enjoyed is another endeavor I’d like to make more time for).

      • Quite a few of my reads this year have featured author’s I’ve read before. For me a re-read is great for when life isn’t going so well and you want something familiar and reassuring, old favourites hit the spot perfectly!

  3. I love I’ve Got Your Number; always good for a laugh. And I haven’t read any of the SL books yet but I hope to get to them someday! I re-read so much when I was younger and I think a lot of it was a case of having to. I didn’t have access to a good library and I didn’t have bookish friends to swap with. So I made do with what I had and added to my collection as often as I could. And I have no regrets; re-reading a book is never boring for me as I like the familiarity of it. And hopefully this weekend will ensure I never go such a long time again between re-reads. In my case it was ARC’s and recommendations on other blogs that made me neglect my old friends :)

    • I love it too. The first time I read it, I was so pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it. (I still only gave it 4-stars, though… it took a second read to convince myself it was 5-star material, fluffy chick-lit or not.)

  4. I’d love to revisit Larsson’s books at some point. Maybe I’ll do that next winter when I’m all snowed in and I’m need of some excitement.

    • I think they’d make great snowy winter reads! (Which is how I started re-reading them, though not really on purpose… I just went back to my TBR after the first book and never got back to the others.)

  5. I’ve been doing a lot more re-reading this year than I have since I started gr/blogging. I think a lot of it is that I no longer have the pressure of an actual TBR since I quit goodreads, so I feel like it’s okay to just read whatever I want whenever I want.

    • That’s great. For me, it was more that GR opened me up to the greater reading world, not necessarily introducing the structure of having a TBR. So at this point, even if I quit, it wouldn’t affect me too much. (Unless I deleted my personal spreadsheet… the horror!) But, as much as I am a mood reader and mostly read what I want, I could do a better job of letting go. Maybe I need a M(onth)ORWTFIW where I completely ignore my lists.

  6. I get pretty much all of my books at the library too :) I haven’t re-read hardly anything since I started blogging. There are just too many new books I want to get to!

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