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    • I need to read that, and his other book too. I never felt much desire to read him before, but that’s definitely changed!

  1. I definitely understand where you’re coming from when it comes to 3-star March. You have me pretty curious about reading Rainbow Rowell’s other novels. I enjoyed Eleanor & Park, but I wasn’t totally flailing over it like everyone else was…maybe I should give Fangirl or Attachments a try instead.

    • Right? A string of good-but-not-great books is its own kind of disappointment. As for Rainbow Rowell, I think Attachments is still my favorite, although the format of that one makes it hard to get into at first.

  2. While I didn’t love the Under the Never Sky trilogy as much as most people, I did really like how the last book ended. It was my favorite of the series. I also mostly agree with you about Eleanor and Park. While I liked it and adore Rainbow Rowell, it was my least favorite of her books. Attachments, however, is one of my favorite books of all time.

    • I really feel like I’m missing something with E&P. So many people I know, even ones who don’t typically read YA, absolutely loved it. And usually when a book fails to live up to the hype, I can at least understand what everyone else loves about it… but this one, I just don’t get why it’s so special. I’m very much looking forward to Landline though.

  3. See, whereas I couldn’t get into Attachments at all! Different strokes, eh? But I still have very high hopes for her new book, Landline, that’s coming out a bit later this year.

    • Yup. Every book out there has someone who loves it and someone who hates it. I’m really looking forward to Landline. Non-YA is always more likely to win me over, and the concept sounds really interesting.

  4. You definitely made it through lots of books! I really enjoyed And The Mountains Echoed, but Hosseini is one of those authors that I think I would read everything he writes. I have actually so far!

    Carrie was not quite what I was expecting, but it wasn’t bad, especially considering it was King’s first published novel. It really goes to show how far he has come over the years in his writing. As for The Dead Zone, I am pretty sure I have read that book, but it is not one that stands out.

    • I liked the idea of The Dead Zone more than the book itself. Maybe it’s one that I’d enjoy more if I read it again, but there was just nothing in it that really grabbed me.

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