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  1. Mini-reviews in April totally count. As I have produced exactly nothing King related this week, despite having to finish and review Rage, it counts…

    The highest compliment I can give a book is being willing to re-read it (and not out of confusion).

    Happy Post 200! (When it happened…)

    • I see a lot of rating explanations where willingness to re-read is the difference between 4- and 5-stars, and that would just never work for me. (Of course, there are also people who never re-read anything no matter what.)

  2. I completely dropped the ball on King’s March. I didn’t read even one! Hoping to fit him in over the next couple of months though :)

    • I’m hoping this will give me a bit of a kickstart to read through more of his books, instead of just a couple a year… I’ll never get through them at that rate!

  3. I rate books on Goodreads, but I see that site as more for my own record (and actually, my spreadsheet is where I do a more detailed record, since I count half ratings), but I never give ratings on my site either. Like you said, recommendations are hard to do universally, you usually have to know at least something about someone…so I can’t see putting a universal rating on my reviews, either.

    • My ratings are more for me as well, but I include them on reviews because I appreciate when others do the same. But even 5-star books, I would never recommend to everyone regardless of their preferences… and it seems like a lot of people do. (Or maybe it just stands out to me more when I see it because it seems so foreign to me.)

  4. I’m always torn about whether or not I like it when my husband is gone or not. We have an alarm and two dogs, so I feel safe, and I do love being alone. But on the other hand, it is just strange, when you’re so used to this one person always being there and apart of your routines.

    • Yeah, as much as I love being alone in general, I’ve never really been comfortable with it night. I had roommates all through college and moved in with my husband straight from there, so I just never had to get used to it except for weekends here and there. (Well, and a summer when I stayed at school and my roommate moved home… and I was so uncomfortable with it that I pretty much became nocturnal because I couldn’t sleep until it got light out and I felt safe again. That was a weird summer.)

  5. I was about to say that I’d never re-read a 2-star book, but then I realized that’s completely untrue — I’m actually planning to purposely revisit 1- or 2-star books I read for school to see if my opinion has changed in the last decade+. I think it will be an interesting exercise…if I can ever find the time to do it!

  6. No spoilers- I didn’t really like the ending of HIMYM. I mean… it felt like this season was an entire waste. I got to the end for nothing. I was quite disappointed. My husband on the other hand really liked it so I guess it just depends. I didn’t get into King’s March myself. So much going on I just didn’t get to read any King. Such a bummer.

    • MILD SPOILERS (of the “you might be able to guess what I’m saying” variety)

      I’m really torn on it. I kind of appreciate what they wanted to do, but for me it just didn’t fit with the direction the show took these past couple seasons. So, did I not like the ending, or – since the ending is what they’d planned to do from the beginning – did I not like the way they led up to it? I guess it’s the same thing either way.

      I just heard today that there’s going to be an alternate ending on the DVD special features. I’ll be very curious to see what it is.

  7. Strongly agree about How I Met Your Mother. I broke with my usual practice and watched it live — I watch almost nothing live! — just because it was fun to watch the reactions on Twitter. But yeah, I found it disappointing ultimately.

    Actually, I was talking with my sister about this, and we were struggling to think of ANY finales that we found satisfying. And we were able to think of so few that we decided it maybe wasn’t fair to single out How I Met Your Mother for criticism on that front.

    • It’s impossible to come up with an ending that’s going to satisfy everyone, but there are definitely others (Friends and Sex and the City to name a couple) that I personally found much more satisfying than this one. The big thing about this one is that, even if they didn’t change anything about what happened, they could have done a better job telling the story. There was such a radical pacing change from the rest of this season to the final episode, and that really contributes to my disappointment. Like I said in my bullet point, I think a two-hour finale would have allowed them to flesh out some things a little better.

  8. I always find it weird to be at home alone too…especially if it’s at night. It’s not scary…just weird!

    I rarely rate books. I used to on Goodreads but I was rarely satisfied with my own ratings, lol. I’d change my mind a week later or whatever.

    Happy reading, happy week!

    • I definitely reserve the right to change my ratings, but it generally happens after a re-read. On my initial read, I’m usually pretty satisfied with my rating… but that’s the biggest reason I don’t do half-stars. Limiting my choices means I’m more sure of my decisions.

  9. Good list. My husband is out of town just about every week all week so it’s more odd when he’s home than not…but it’s nice when he is around to help me out.

    • We did the long distance thing for a few months, but I was living with my parents while he was transitioning to a new out-of-state job before we made the move permanent. (Not to mention all through college, before we were married.) So it’s not even the being apart thing so much as it is the being ALONE thing. Thanks for stopping by!

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