24 comments on “Spring Bloggiesta Wrap Up

  1. I’ve been seeing so much about Bloggiesta around the blogosphere – I have to participate next time! It sounds like fun and it’s great that you made so much progress with your blog!

    • Yes, it’s a great push to get that stuff done that doesn’t absolutely need doing and so never gets done. And of course the socializing is always fun too!

  2. It sounds like you had a productive weekend. I love your ‘Shameless Plug’ award, what a great idea! And your social media links look so neat, even if they are just simple text links, but they still stand out because of the colour.

    • That’s true… and hey, I still occasionally see icons that I’m unfamiliar with (although it’s not hard to mouse over the icon and find out). I was mostly worried that if someone is looking for follow buttons their eyes might pass right over a link, but that’s why I amped up the color. Hopefully it’s clear enough for everyone.

  3. I love your design! It’s simple yet fun! And, I really like the word links you have for your social media as well. :)

    I can imagine that attending all four chats would be intense! I only attended two and it was intense, lol. Glad you had and fun and productive time!

    • I wanted to do at least two, but then it just turned out that I was free during the other two so I figured, why not? But yeah… a Twitter chat every day takes a lot of energy! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I didn’t meet all my goals, but I’m pretty happy. I like your text links, actually. I worry that people have to guess what the symbols mean on my icons. And, that they won’t bother.

    • I do sometimes come across symbols I don’t know, as new things become popular that I don’t keep up with, but I’ll just hover over it to see what the link is. But yeah, I guess there are some people who would look for the sites they use and not bother about any they don’t know. (Granted, I’m not going to go sign up for a new social media just to follow one person, but I’m still curious.)

  5. WOW! You knocked it out of the park. Congrats. And in two days. Impressive.

    • Thanks! I knew I wouldn’t get much done over the weekend, so I really pushed it in those first couple days. Saturday and Sunday all I did was the chats. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Text is a lot easier to color coordinate than graphics! (At least, if you’re like me and don’t know what you’re doing with graphics.)

  6. Wow, nice progress! I didn’t get everything done, but I’m excited to have my to-do list written down and to have some momentum built up for working on it. Hopefully I’ll finish the rest of the list soon :)

  7. Great job! I really liked having four days, as it gave you a bit more flexibility with your schedule! Didn’t manage to make any of the Twitter chats, but I know that they can be a little intense. Good job on making all four! I met most of my goals, but am still working on a few leftovers.

    • Yes! Loved that fourth day! I know I’ll never get anything done on the weekend, so it’s nice for me to have two weekdays. When it’s just Friday-Sunday (or Saturday-Sunday for the mini events) I feel like there’s not much point in signing up.

  8. I loved, loved, loved the four day bloggiesta this time around! I was able to get soooooo much done (though obviously commenting on blogs was not one of those completed tasks)!!

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