18 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #15

  1. I can never watch The Walking Dead on time, so I have to stay off starting Sunday afternoon until Monday night when I am able to watch it. So much drama.

    Some day I want to participate in Bloggiesta, so far it never seems to work with my schedule. Sigh, I’m whining a little.

  2. I have a Seal of Disapproval award, which is Seal rolling his eyes. So.

    I have to avoid social media w/r/t EVERY SHOW I WATCH cos my husband works nights so I usually can’t watch til late the same night or the next day.


    • We don’t have cable or satellite, so we have to wait until it goes up on the network website. I think CBS actually puts their shows up at midnight, but that’s just too late for us. It’s going to be hard to wait for him!

      • I can’t wait til we can talk about it!

        (also, I totally agree with you about E&P. Everyone else loved it and I thought it was just kind of ehhhhh.)

  3. I know it’s bad to judge a book before reading it, but I don’t think I will like Eleanor & Park much either. I have read very little contemporary YA, but I can usually tell which ones will work for me and which won’t. I’ve also read some really thoughtful & detailed reviews by people saying pretty much the same thing you did.

    • Honestly, I think this was my first contemporary YA. I’m not a big YA fan, and the ones I do read are usually fantasy or science fiction… something where the story sounds interesting enough that I can try to get past the teenage angst (although it doesn’t always work).

  4. I think you’ll be safer just staying off the internet until you’ve seen the episode. The internet is a cruel place, full of headlines that give things away. It’s fine for people like me who love spoilers, but rough if you’re trying to avoid them.

    • Yeah, that’s probably what I’ll do. I’d be fine just doing behind-the-scenes blog stuff, but I just don’t know that I trust myself not to click onto Twitter or another site out of habit.

    • It’s been hit or miss for me. Some of the episodes have been really good, but the concept for the season was just too much, I think. (Although I liked how they kind of made fun of it a couple weeks ago… Ted’s narration talking about how ridiculous it was how much stuff had happened in just a day and a half.)

  5. Happy Bloversary, Charleen! :D

    Also that comment policy. DUDE. Yes, yes, yes! Didn’t get to participate in Bloggiesta this year either. :((

    This week has actually been quite good to me – I’ve managed to be a productive and schedule some post for the coming month. I sorta stopped watching How I Met Your Mother but I hope you enjoy the finale!

    I’m watching Teen Wolf these days and lovin’ it so you might wanna give it a go-Lot of cuties, humor and badassery so…. ;)

    Hope you have a brilliant week, Charlene!

    • This season hasn’t been as good but I’m still really looking forward to seeing how it ends. And I’m quite a fan of my new comment policy. Thanks for stopping by!

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