28 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Things on My Bookish Bucket List

  1. I didn’t know there was a library hotel in NYC. If I ever make it to NY, that’s where I will stay (although, I might not be able to do anything else after spending all my money at the hotel).

    • It just looks so cool! I don’t usually like to spend more than I have to for a room I’m just using as a place to sleep… but this would be a rare treat!

  2. I feel like such a literary failure for not having been to the Library of Congress with how often I’ve been to DC (it’s less than 2 hours away!). I need to make it a serious destination the next time I go.

  3. Oh, the dark tower series… it’s looming in my future too and I just haven’t bitten the bullet yet. I’m excited to though!

    And I feel the same about poetry but I found my “one” and you’ll fine yours too :)

  4. To visit the Library of Alexandria would be soooo cool!

    I visited the Library of Congress when I was in high school. It is gorgeous, and although it’s not “books lining the walls” cool, it’s definitely “look at these old books OMG” cool. :) Plus the fact there’s so many records, etc. too. I definitely recommend it.

    I am really excited for you to read The Dark Tower series. I understand that you don’t want to start reading it until you have time to read them consecutively, etc., but honestly, if you like complex storyline and a mixture of genres, plus lovable characters I think you will like it. :)

    • I’ve just heard that it can take a while to get into, and it makes me nervous because other King books have been sort of hit or miss for me.

  5. I’d loooove to visit the library at Alexandria. While I still can — I read a thing about it a while ago that said that it’s costing the government way too much money because the design was impractical, so I’m wondering if they’ll be able to keep it going indefinitely.

  6. I visited the Library of Congress years ago, when I went to DC with my family. It is a beautiful building. Unless things have changed, they do public tours of the building for free. I hope that you get the chance to visit DC one day!

    • I know I’ve had to memorize poems for school, but I couldn’t tell you know what they were. But I like the idea of finding something that speaks to you, that feels like it was written for you, and then making it a part of you.

  7. Great list!!

    I’ve been to Prairie Lights!! If you make it over before I move, let me know. Maybe we can meet for coffee?!?

    The Dark Tower series … It’s weird, but there are parts that are absolutely brilliant and worth reading the whole series for. Though I will admit that the last one was just weird!!

    I will have my own book nook someday!! I’ve got plans on that one!!

  8. I’d never heard of The Library Hotel but it sounds amazing! And visiting the Library of Alexandria would be beyond awesome. Great list!

    • Probably neither one will ever happen… but still good to keep in mind in case I win the lottery someday. (Which would be really impressive considering I don’t even play the lottery!)

  9. We had to learn at least one poem by heart in school but it was REALLY long and I can only remember the first couple of verses these days. There are two or three shorter poems that have stuck with me however and I can recite them. I’m pretty sure there is a poem for you out there just waiting to be discovered.

    • Yeah, I know I have, but I don’t even remember which poems let alone what they were. That’s why I want to find something that really speaks to me, so I have a reason to memorize it and make it something I can carry with me.

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