12 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #14

  1. Great news on the bikes! I hope you find to try to prevent it happening again.
    I hadn’t realised it’s Bloggiesta time, I don’t think I’ll do this one as I did the mini one and I think 1 a year is enough work for me!
    And yay… Spring….my happy season. I just love watching all the flowers start to bloom, always makes me smile.

    • We spent this weekend rearranging things so we have room for them inside the apartment. It’s a little tight, but it should work. We’ll see once we start moving them in and out on a regular basis.

  2. April usually participates in bloggiesta, hopefully there are some cool and helpful posts

    I totally want to scream and break things uncontrollably sometimes…alot

  3. OK… for real.. I didn’t think you would get your bikes back. WHAT!! That is great. I have been so busy this week with Spring Break. We had some friends come for the week so I didn’t blog at all. About to check out your blog posts I missed.

    • Yeah, I didn’t think it was going to happen! We took them in over the weekend to get their spring maintenance done and cleared room for them in the apartment, so we’re ready for spring!

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