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  1. Yeah, I’m definitely not a fan of the shameless plug. I love being introduced to new information through links in comments, but only when it’s relevant to the post.

    • Yes, there’s a huge difference between including a link to add to the dialog, and only commenting because you want to bring traffic to your own blog.

    • Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise. I figured starting with a world I’m already familiar with and invested in was a good way to ease into that form of storytelling.

      I’m fairly positive this is a collection of comics; they were initially published in three parts and then re-published as a whole. I guess my confusion is that, visual format aside, the definition of “graphic novel” is very different from that of “novel.” Being a part of a larger story doesn’t preclude a book from being a novel. And even being published in installments (not that it happens much today, but I’m thinking of The Green Mile) doesn’t keep us from referring to the finished product as a novel. But if the definition of graphic novel is “stand-alone story published completely in a single volume”… it just seems so limiting.

  2. I just got a pile of graphic novels out from my library because I decided I wanted to try something new. I think they are all actually graphic novels and not comics, or at least that’s what the little library sticker on the spine says :)

    And I totally agree on the crying kids thing — I read the viral post about the crying baby at the ski resort when it was first making the rounds and I wasn’t sure exactly how I felt about that specific situation, but the post you linked to is spot on. I also don’t have kids, but anticipate that will change one day. It is ridiculous for people to think babies will never cry, but there are situations where it is just illogical to bring babies in the first place. But, people absolutely should not have to lock up their kid until they learn to behave in public either. Hell, some adults don’t know how to behave in public! I’d like to think I have sympathy and understanding for parents dealing with this kind of thing in public — like the one airplane flight I was on, a baby (toddler?) was screaming to such an extent you might have thought someone was trying to murder him — that can be wearing for an extended period of time, but at the same time, I know that his ears probably hurt and there’s nothing to be done when they are that young, so we all just have to deal — I now know to bring headphones or earplugs, lesson learned. The whole baby thing I really do understand, if you’ve ever been around a baby, you know that they are inconsolable at times no matter what you do. But I think I was most annoyed at a parent for not stepping in to correct her child’s behavior when I was at a movie and the kid (and her friends) were probably 10 or 11, and the mom let them talk and disrupt the entire movie — don’t tell me for one second that a child of that age should not be corrected and be capable of changing her behavior. That annoyed me more than any crying baby ever did!

    And so sorry to hear about the bikes, that really sucks :(

    • I actually wasn’t familiar with the viral post that inspired this one. But there’s definitely a lot of entitlement (“I deserve to not have my time ruined…” “We have just as much right to be here as you…”) that happens on both sides, some of which is valid, and some of which is just taken to outrageous extremes. There are unreasonable jerks everywhere, I guess is the lesson.

  3. I also want to know what graphic novel/comic you read!

    Shameless plug badge would be awesome, along the lines of the ‘magnificent ass’ one at IB. :P Also, I love getting comments on old posts, as long as they’re not spammy (which is usually what happens :/) I love that people are noticing them, I want the content to continue living, so to speak. :P

    • Yup, I was thinking of the IB awards. I would just like some way to indicate that those types of comments aren’t appreciated here, rather than deleting/ignoring/sweeping them under the rug.

      And the comic was The Promise, a follow-up to the Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon series. The WoW ones would probably also be a good choice for me. I just wanted something I was already familiar with (and familiar with in a visual way), to help me with the transition. I’d never been much interested in graphic novels before, but lately I’ve been curious.

  4. I am one of those people who is guilty of using comics and graphic novels interchangeably (sorry sj). I almost always refer to long running comics as comics, but a limited story arc (say 6 issues) sometimes gets called a graphic novel by me – especially if, when it’s said and done, they release a complete, bound version of it. I hang my head in shame.

    As a parent, I sincerely always wonder why parents bring their children to adult movies. I understand the whole no babysitter thing happens (as it does to me all the time), but come on – don’t you remember being pre-child people? Anyway…

    (Sometimes I also forget I am hardcore strict with my sons and they generally know not to pull shit – even at 5 and 2. This doesn’t mean they are angels, it just means they know the consequences.)

    • I also appreciate comments, whether they are on old or new posts. I don’t even mind the occasional shameless plug comment, as long as it’s a blogger that also leaves thoughtful comments).

    • Yup, that’s my thought on it too. If it’s eventually released in one edition, why is it not a graphic novel? (I always assumed it was, until I read sj’s post.) The Green Mile isn’t a collection of novellas. I guess maybe there’s no real analogy to “word novels” and that’s what’s tripping me up.

      Oh, and yes, there’s a total difference between an active commenter who occasionally throws a shameless plug, and a “drive-by” commenter who I’ve never heard of leaving one.

  5. First off about this whole baby crying. I would’ve been one pissed off person if I paid $200 a night and heard a baby crying all night. Why is it OK for a baby to cry and be loud… but if there was a party going on the S*&t would hit the fan! It’s like dogs in my neighborhood that bark 24/7. You damn right I called the city on them. I didn’t buy $$$ to live in a house where I can’t get peace and quite. Nothing annoys me more then people who bring kids to adult movies. Rated R movie means you shouldn’t bring your kid. I love theaters that don’t allow kids into these films (Alamo Draft House). Though the walls in that hotel must’ve been crap!

    • I’ve often thought that, when I get a house, I want one in the middle of nowhere so I don’t have to deal with neighbors (living in an apartment totally sours you on having neighbors, I think). Of course, then I’d have the wildlife to deal with…

  6. Oh, man…I’m sorry to hear about your bikes. That DOES suck. Stupid dishonest people. They deserve a roundhouse kick to the esophagus.

    • Because I’m so late in replying to comments, the bike situation has now been resolved! (And yes, the guy totally deserves a roundhouse kick to the esophagus… but he lost his job instead… which is less satisfying, but probably worse for him in the long run.)

  7. Sorry to hear about your bikes getting stolen. We came home last weekend from a fun day at the park to find our grill had been stolen. Why must people take what isn’t theirs? And it’s been a while since I’ve picked up a graphic novel. I think I’ll head to my library tomorrow and pick one up.

  8. Aw, it completely sucks that your bikes were stolen :(

    And I love the link to the shameless-plug-post. I’ve gotten A LOT of those comments in the past and it’s just so obvious that people don’t care what you’ve written as long as you visit their blog *facepalm*. Just “cool post” makes it so obvious that you probably didn’t even read it! Or people who just copy-paste the same comment on every blog. It’s so annoying!

    • Yes, I just… don’t get it. How do people think this is a good way to promote their blog? You don’t have to make a ton of effort, but at least make some. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. I loved that post about comics vs graphic novels! Hilarious!! I will be honest … I know the difference, but I find myself using the terms almost interchangeably, mainly because they are all categorized under graphic novels/comics in the library and that is where I get 99% of mine. I really should differentiate them because the difference does exist and does matter.

    I’m a parent, and I won’t lie … I’m annoyed by other parents who let their kids run around like crazy and are loud and obnoxious. A friend once said that they are just being kids and to let it be. BUT, when they are disrespectful of others in the process, which they usually are, that crosses the line for me. Teach your child respect. Being a kid and being respectful are two different things! Ugh! (Can you tell you hit a soapbox for me here?!?)

    That really sucks about your bikes. I would be ticked and would be scared it would happen again.

    • I understand the difference as sj explained it, I just don’t agree with it, I guess. (Which, to a comic fanatic, is probably like saying I don’t agree with gravity, but still.) Even if something initially came out one tiny issue at a time, if the story is now complete and it’s published in one volume, I can’t not think of it as a novel.

  10. I’m extremely guilty of the late comment! I tend to only read blogs when I have a slow period at work and need to check out for a bit which means if I’m really busy, they stack up quickly. But I’m of the impression that any comment is ok (other than the plug and jerks!) and I enjoy them no matter how late they are. I wonder how many other people feel the same though…

    • I’d be surprised if there’s anyone who doesn’t like or appreciate a comment on any post, no matter how old. (And if they do, they can close comments after a while.) But because it’s uncommon, it still comes off as strange to me as I’m doing it. I get a little flicker of apprehension when I click “post comment.”

    • We actually got them back! But yes, it does suck how many people are out there who do this sort of thing without caring.

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