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  1. I don’t like gifs either, I don’t use them and don’t plant to (if other blogs I enjoy use them I scroll past and pretend not to see them – they bug me too).

    Ahem, King’s March is IMPORTANT.

    (Only kidding, I so far have read only one King short story this month – Throttle – and created the mixtape because I love that book. So, if the host slacks, you can totally put it off too.) :)

  2. Oh, maybe I should join Trish’s re-readathon. I’l have to check and see when it is. I started rereading the Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness for Kelley and Rinn’s Reread January, but didn’t finish the last book (and well, I read the first two in February… so um… fail). But I can try and read that one during the rereadathon maybe?

    I HATE daylight savings time. Hate it. Where I lived in Indiana they only switched to doing that within the last decade and I was so upset when it happened. I missed my life before where I could just know what time it is everyday and not have to worry about moving my clock one way or another. It messes with your mind! Ugh!

    You’re not doing Twitter wrong. I usually only follow those I want to follow, and then even then I usually use lists to narrow it down even further. Twitter is a strange beast and sometimes it just seems like you can’t win no matter what you do!

    Ohhh and gifs? I’m not a huge fan. I mean, they don’t bother me as much as they do you, but I definitely prefer blogs without. They’re too distracting and sometimes I feel like bloggers rely on them too much when their words are enough to entertain. (My mom really hates gifs though. She says they distract her too much.)

    • It’s partly just a distracting thing, but I do get headaches and even motion sickness (silly as it sounds) from watching certain video games – not that I couldn’t play them, but not being in control of the character or the way the camera is moving is what does it – so I guess my problem with the gifs and their repetitive motion is a similar sort of thing. (Oh, and I love Twitter lists! I need to reorganize mine, though, they’re getting a bit unwieldy.)

    • I just wish you could pause them, or close them, or do SOMETHING. But no, they’re there, and they’re going to keep moving, from now until eternity.

  3. I am so anti-GIF. I know some people love them, and I can say that some are actually amusing. But they make my head hurt. I am so easily distracted by moving things, and it’s gotten to the point with me that if I go to a blog or even a Goodreads review that includes gifs, I just click away from them. No like. :(

    Well, you *might* be doing Twitter wrong… but then again, I probably am too. I don’t follow back just because someone followed me, which I guess is not following the norm. I don’t know, I don’t want a lot of random people cluttering up my Twitter feed. But I’m not a very good twitterer anyway, so what do I know?

  4. You are totally not doing Twitter wrong. <3 Those people are doing it wrong.

    I love gifs, but I don't like if they're flashing or something like that. I like that they have movement but no sound.

    I wish Daylight Savings Time would go away, too. Losing that hour of sleep is terrible. Plus when I woke up this morning it was already light, and it was 6 a.m. That's kind of amazing. And it's not even DST yet! Just leave it alone, people. If I didn't think it'd be a terrible idea, I'd move to Arizona where they don't have DST.

    • Wait, I need to clarify on the Twitter thing. Sometimes I will follow someone because they follow me, but just because they sound interesting. If they end up being interesting, I’ll keep them. If not, the unfollow button gets pressed.

    • The problem with not observing it is then you’d constantly have to remember if you were in sync with everyone or not. I actually have an aunt who lives in Nevada, right on the border to Arizona, and it’s a pain to deal with. I imagine it’s annoying to live on the border of a time zone anyway, if you have a fair amount of interaction with those on the other side… but add in the inconsistency and it would just be that much worse.

  5. I’m weird about Twitter. There are people I follow because I love them; there are people I follow because they followed me and they seem interesting. I don’t use Twitter as much as I should, so when someone unfollows me, I look at their feed. Are they still interesting? Do I still love them? Am I the most hurt they stopped following me, or was I just following them out of a sense of reciprocity? Sometimes I’ll unfollow back; sometimes not.

    And I’m with Lisa – I don’t follow everyone back that follows me. Why is the Texas Roadhouse or Triscuits or someone who only tweets in Tagalog following me, you know? I don’t need that in my feed. I read somewhere that a huge number of Twitterers just follow bunches of people all the time, and then once they follow them back, they unfollow, just to boost their numbers. Annoying, right?

    • Very annoying. I only follow back if it looks like a real person on the other end. Once I do that, though… I’ll keep following if I enjoy them, and I’ll unfollow if not. Simple.

  6. Yeah I think twitter is like that alot – people just want the numbers. I really only like gifs in funny discussion posts or on lists and things. I do not like them in reviews.

    • For me, it’s not a matter of where they fit vs where they don’t, they just bother me. Some aren’t so bad, it really depends on what the motion is and how quickly it repeats.

  7. Hate GIFs – equivalent of reading motion-sickness. I’ve seem them used really well a handful of times and terribly a million times.

    In contrast, I love DST – those long summer nights where you can still be sitting outside in the twilight at 9pm are the best.

    • I don’t mind the extra hour of daylight while I have it, I just don’t think it’s worth messing with our circadian rhythms twice a year. And if it’s that important, why can’t we just stay on that time year-round and enjoy the extra hour in the winter when it’s getting dark at 3:30 in the afternoon?

  8. Thanks for the mention, it’s much appreciated :) I’m not a fan of gifs either, they slow my computer down and I hate that.
    What I hate on twitter is people who follow, then unfollow and then follow again. They are just trying to catch your attention to make you follow them. Not happening!

    • Ha! Yeah, there are some names I’ve noticed as being familiar, and I’m like, “I’m pretty sure this person already followed me.” Eh, if it makes them happy… they’re free to follow and unfollow as many times as they want.

    • See, I’d rather have an extra hour in the winter. I never liked walking home from school while it was already getting dark.

      • Oh, I’d like extra daylight year round, but for me, it’s nicer to have when it’s warm and I can actually be out in it.

  9. Oo, I keep forgetting that it’s Spring Forward weekend! My position is that Daylight Savings Time is fantastic when we’re falling back, and terrible when we’re springing forward. I love sleep. Wonderful wonderful sleep. I do not like to sacrifice my sleeping time.

    • I certainly don’t mind the extra hour in the fall, but I’d give it up in a heartbeat if it meant doing away with the whole system.

  10. So many people complain about time change and I can’t believe we still do it. The topic of GIFs. I really don’t mind them but I really try not to use them in book reviews. I used them though in my Princess Bride post … well because there is a movie and I felt it went with it. Otherwise I try to only use them in .. like discussion posts. I feel that they do help get a point across and I try to pick funny ones. I want my book reviews to be more serious so I try to never use them in those.

    About twitter… I don’t really care who follows me and who I follow. I guess I don’t use it enough. I don’t even know how many followers I have!! lol! I have never found that it brings more blog followers or anything like that. Maybe if I used it more.

    • I’m pretty active on Twitter, but I have my small circles that I typically interact with. I don’t put a lot of focus on extending my reach. I’m just not very good at marketing, so I don’t really use it for that. I do post blog links, but I use it for general rambling and conversation and sharing other links a lot more.

      And as for Katie’s post, it wasn’t that two is too many, it was that they were so close together I couldn’t get away from them while reading the middle section of the post… combined with that turning motion that both of the pictures had. What can I say, my body reacts to things in strange ways.

  11. Aahh, Twitter! I need to go through my list and purge some people, but it always seems so overwhelming and I never get around to it. I don’t think there is a wrong way to do Twitter, but some people definitely think there is!! :)

    • I do periodic purges, just to keep my own sanity. Some people I add during particular events or seasons, and once that thing is over, we just don’t have much in common anymore.

  12. I’m not into gifs (or maybe I should say I don’t mind gifs as such but I’m not sure if book blogs are the best place for them), but some of my blogging buddies do use them and if its done tastefully and in moderation, I just take a quick look and just like you, try to scroll them away from my sight. Because they do disturb reading.

    I’m pretty sure I’m doing Twitter wrong as well. I get like a few new follows a day (totally random but mainly by authors I’ve never heard of – I’m guessing they are small authors trying to make a name), and then when I don’t follow back, they unfollow me within a week or so. How do they do that? Do they have some programme that helps them keep count on who follows, when, etc? Spooky. I thought Twitter was about connecting with people with similar interests or some such.

    • Occasionally I find them amusing (but still try to keep them off my screen while I continue reading), but most of the time a regular non-moving picture would work just as well. I’m discovering more people than I thought that find them irritating… although my physical reaction still seems to be pretty rare.

    • Ha! Clearly not everyone… although I really thought I was alone in my extreme aversion to them and it seems I had more company than I thought. I would have absolutely no issue with gifs if I could close them or pause them or do SOMETHING to just make them stop moving! Like I said, I usually just move them off the screen if I can, but when they’re too close together for that to work is when I really get frustrated by them.

  13. I don’t mind gifs, but I don’t like it when they have multple gifs in a row. Somehow it distracts me from actually reading what they wrote.

    I am going to check out the re-read a thon. That is one of my goals for this year.

    • Yup, that’s how I feel. If a blogger enjoys using them and thinks they’re fun, fine. But they should realize that some of us find them distracting. Good luck with the re-reading!

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