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  1. I need to read more Rainbow Rowell. I’ve only read Eleanor & Park so far (loved) and have been meaning to get to Fangirl and Attachments, although I’m just dying to read Landline, which isn’t out until June, I think.

    I only read two books in February, so Symptomatic was my favorite. The second one was not good at all. Fail zombie book.

    • See, and that’s the only one of hers I haven’t read yet. (Well, and Landline, obviously.) I’ve been putting it off because YA, especially contemporary YA, isn’t really my thing… so I started with her most adult book, to her not-quite-YA book… and now E&P is all I have left.

  2. My favorite I read in February was definitely historical fiction/real-life unsolved mystery The Wife, the Maid, and the Mistress. The one I just finished this morning was great, but I won’t count it for February since it trickled over into March… Looks like you had a pretty good month yourself!

  3. Hi Charleen, it’s JanB (from Goodreads). I’ve been enjoying reading your blog. Mystery/thriller genre was my first love and I really need to get back to my roots more often :-) My favorite book last month was Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger – there’s a mystery although it’s not fast-paced, and definitely not a thriller. But I really liked it. Great characterization.

  4. I have to read Fangirl! I loved Eleanor and Park so, so much. I don’t know what’s taking me so long with Fangirl! (Yes I do. It’s because it keeps not being in when I go to the library.)

    • I’ve been putting off E&P. I think I’m worried I won’t love it the way everyone else does. I’ve really enjoyed her other two books, but I’m not big on contemporary YA. But if anyone can write one I’ll love, it’s probably Rainbow Rowell. (And can you put a hold on it? That’s what I do when a book never seems to be there when I am.)

  5. I never thought I would be a Rowell reader. I don’t like contemporary books so I was really apprehensive to read E&P. I did and liked it. Then I heard about Fangirl and I am certainly a fan girl or at least I think I am, so I had to read that one. And loved it. So now I need to read her other books!

    • I think I liked Attachments more than Fangirl, and I’m anticipating not being blown away by E&P just because I’m not big into YA, especially contemporary… and it’s probably a good thing I have my own lowered expectations to help counteract some of the hype. Definitely looking forward to Landline though.

  6. I’m another Rainbow Rowell fan, and I loved Eleanor & Park (although I read it before being exposed to all the hype, and I can see how that might impact the reading experience). I just finished The Husband’s Secret this past week, and mostly loved it, although certain aspects pissed me off while I was reading — which I guess is a good sign for how involved I was with the story, as I was mostly just mad at the characters for making dumb decisions, not mad about the story itself. If that makes sense. Looks like you had a great reading month!

    • Like I said in a previous comment, I think I have my own low expectations for E&P (not for the book so much as my own reaction to the book) so that’s helping to balance out the hype.

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