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    • I haven’t read any of the GRRM books. As usual, I want to wait for the series to be complete before I start… but who knows if it’ll ever happen.

  1. Congrats on your approaching 1 year blogoversary! Reading in short spurts works for me. It’s like taking short power naps. I do hope in the future that I’ll be able to have longer reading stretches, but I’m not sure how (even when my kids are grown, I suspect I’ll just be spending more time on my job).

    • I just can’t imagine trying to lose myself in a story, but being constantly on edge waiting to be interrupted. But we’ll see… in a few years I might look back at this and laugh. Thanks for stopping by!

      • I’m just accustomed to the interruptions now. It doesn’t bother me. A few years ago, I never thought that would be the case!

  2. There is a HUGE difference between feeling YA is not really your thing (we don’t all have to like the same kinds of books after all!) and looking down on other people because they happen to like that thing you don’t like. HUGE. And you are definitely not guilty of that. And sour grapes is right, as I’ve read the article you are referring to. Dismissing authors/genres/etc. and putting down others who do read them while freely admitting you’ve never read them yourself is also not cool in my book, which is exactly what that writer has done. I’m super annoyed too because I bought the writer’s first book at the end of last year and now have a really bad taste in my mouth about the whole thing.

    I also usually find it less enjoyable to grab snatches of reading time too, though I did just yesterday read a chapter of my current book while waiting at the dentist’s office which was much more preferable than staring at the wall or paying attention to whatever stupidity was on the TV. More often when I want to make more reading time and am feeling time-strapped, I gravitate toward whatever audiobook I’m in the middle of and listen while getting stuff done around the house or yard. It’s amazing how much cleaner my house is when I do this…if I want to listen to one more chapter, I have to dust one more room or sweep one more floor…

    • I know it’s not the same thing, I just worry what others might think… which I realize is stupid, because who cares what others think? But especially when I’m feeling overwhelmed by the blogosphere (which is very YA-centric), I feel like I have to censor myself from making comments that could be misinterpreted. Just because I don’t care for it doesn’t mean I think those who like it are wrong for liking it… but I worry that I’ll come off that way.

  3. Funny that you feel like you have to defend yourself for not reading YA and then adults that do read YA (like myself) feel like we need to defend ourselves for reading it. We should all just read what makes us happy.

    • It is rather ironic, isn’t it? I also feel like it’s an online vs real life thing. The online book community seems to embrace YA (for the most part, anyway).

  4. I have always read before going to sleep at night and personally prefer reading in chunks too mainly because I don’t like stopping before i’m ready (or my eyes close) great post of randomness ;-)

    • That’s my main thing, I don’t like stopping before I’m ready. Sometimes I do sit down and read for five minutes and then get up and do something else, but that’s my call. I can’t imagine reading in line at the supermarket (which was one suggestion I heard this week for how to fit more reading in). Even in waiting rooms, I’m sometimes reluctant to pull out my book, even though I brought it for that specific purpose… I just know that if I start to read, they’ll call me back right away, whereas if I don’t and just fiddle on my phone instead, I’ll be waiting for half an hour.

  5. Looking forward to your blogoversary post!

    Star Trek! Since there have been some really nice thoughtful comments on the other parts of your thoughts, I’ll bring the fangirling part. :) I just watched the first three seasons of Star Trek, and I completely loved it! I do like older TV shows from the 60s in general so I was already predisposed towards it. But I really love how diving into each episode feels like watching an adventure with old friends. I’m just starting The Next Generation and I’m missing that feeling with the new cast. But I’m hoping to watch all the Star Trek so hopefully I will come to love TNG. I hope you’ll continue with it and post most of your thoughts! :)

    • I’ve not watched much older TV. Maybe a handful of episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show, but that’s about it. Although the funny thing is, not long before I started watching Star Trek, I’d watched a couple Alfred Hitchcock movies… totally different in tone, but the style of acting is similar to me. I look forward to continuing! I watched the first episode of season two today, and it was a great one!

  6. Lol, talk about #truthweek. Congrats on coming up to 1 year!

    I almost feel bad about leaving a comment… #confession time. I am one of those people who leave ‘thoughtless’ comments. If someone stopped by my blog, I would want them to leave a comment, no matter how much thought goes into it. I do try!

    I guess I am a fan of YA. I don’t judge others. My hubby always tells me to read something my own age, but what does that mean? Like, YA is the first section I visit when I go to the library. The books are generally easy to read and while the stories are sometimes repetitive, some girl falls in love with some boy type, the little differences are all I need to love a book. Although, following the craze of Fifty Shades, I am definitely a fan of NA genre too. Is that more my age?

    oooh oooh, I recorded Star Trek the original series when it was on Sky. I am trying to convince the hubby to watch them with me, a marathon on a free weekend. Turns out that a weekend we both have off are a rare occurrence!

    • Personally, I prefer to use the like button if I don’t have anything to say (at least on WordPress blogs that have that option). But even though meaningful comments are preferred, a “thoughtless” comment alone is pretty harmless. Like you say, it’s nice to know the person stopped by. But it’s adding the link that really gets me… and what started this week-long tirade! If you’re going to ask me to come check out your blog, the least you can do is show you’ve actually read mine. That’s how I feel about it anyway.

  7. I am so ready for winter to be over too. It’s been ridiculous this year! I usually like one big snow for the year and I’m good (I live in western Kentucky where our winters are usually relatively mild), but it’s been so cold for so long I’m so over it. I didn’t used to like reading in snatches here or there. But now I have a 21 month old and it’s all I get sometime :) I’m a very private, solitary person. I sometimes miss being able to just shut myself away all day to read, but I wouldn’t trade what I’ve got for anything else. I’m torn on YA. I like some of it. And I find myself drawn to blurbs that are clearly YA. But then when I go to actually read a YA book, I sometimes feel like it’s either too juvenile or that I simply can’t connect with it. I have enjoyed some YA over the years in general, but I usually steer clear. I didn’t read YA when I was the right age for it, why would I want to read it now?

    Oh and happy blogiversary! It goes by fast, I celebrated 6 years this year (unfortunately it came and went with no fanfare, oops)

    • I’m drawn to those blurbs too. YA has so many imaginative stories, more so than I usually see in adult fiction… and I’m interested in those stories, but minus the teen angst and romance. Which is why, when I do read it, I tend to stick to small doses.

  8. I never got in to Star Trek but I always feel I never gave it a proper chance either, maybe someday. And I often grab 5 minutes reading, it de-stresses me. Quickly, legally and cheaply :O LOL
    I love YA but could never read just YA, all the angst gets tiring. But that storm about adults reading HP is ridiculous. It was said just for drama and headlines and is definitely sour grapes.

    • I never paid attention to Star Trek until the reboot came out, which I loved, and since then I’ve been telling myself I should give the older series and movies a chance. I’m glad I’m finally doing it!

  9. I’m one of those people who reads in snippets! I get reading in whenever I can, though I always can get bigger bits of time right before bed. That’s because my monsters are in bed and I don’t get interrupted all the time!

    I’ve been wanting to re-watch all the Star Trek episodes again, and trying to get my son into them. Now that you reminded me, I will have to see if I can pick it up from the library this week!

    • I’m really enjoying it! And it’s been sort of interesting to see just how influential it was, to see ideas in these episodes that have been popping up in science fiction shows ever since! Makes me wonder what sort of stuff came before it that Star Trek was drawing from.

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