9 comments on “ITW Must-Reads: The Bone Collector

  1. I *loved* The Bone Collector. I read several others featuring Rhyme and Sachs & found them compelling as well. I wondered how they’d hold up over time what with all the changes in tech/gadgets, since I read them before cell phones were common.

    • It seems like a series I’ll really enjoy, I just don’t know when I’ll find time to read it! The blessing and curse of finding a great new author…

  2. I saw the move The Bone Collector many years before I ever read the book (or truly realized there was a book, I was looking for the book shown in the movie :P) and I remember being a little disappointed that the patrol officer in the book has a different name. But I really enjoyed reading the book that brought about the movie I liked a LOT, and both are fantastic. Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie star as Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Donaghy (Sachs).

  3. I’ve read a few Deaver novels here and there, but definitely not in order. This is one that I still need to get to, but I sometimes wonder if I should start back at the beginning and move forward from there.

    • I can’t jump around like that. I can sometimes pick up a book in the middle IF I’ve heard that it doesn’t rely on continuity… but once I read that one book and determine that it’s a series I’m interested in, then I have to go back to the beginning. But either way, this was just a really good book, series or no series.

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