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  1. “He’s so much more than horror.” That is so true. He is versatile, and as I’ve climbed the mountain of his works, I see it more and more. One of my favorites is Lisey’s story. Very different from others.

    • It took me a few before I really started to enjoy him. I don’t know if I just wasn’t picking the right books, or it took me a while to get used to his style (or both).

  2. I really want to join in this… honestly I need to read Doctor Sleep and this just might be my chance. I have to think about this!!

    • I really enjoyed Doctor Sleep, and I know I’m not alone. I think I read only one review that wasn’t overwhelmingly positive. I hope you can find time for it soon!

  3. I’m a horror wimp, so I have to be careful with my King. However, reading the less horror-centric ones have been SOOOO worth it. I’d like to read The Green Mile this month. We’ll see if I can carve out a window for it. The only problem I have with King is the time investment. Dude writes chunksters.

  4. I guess sj and I will be joining by default with our Read All the SK project. We’ll be reading The Dark Half, and maybe the one after that in publishing order.

  5. I have no idea how this escaped my radar! I normally read everything King related that Rory posts. I must’ve been on another planet these past few weeks! I’m signing up. I don’t claim to be a King expert nor have read a huge amount of his books. BUT he is one of my favorite authors, and on my auto-buy list so this event is a great way for me to catch up on some of the books I’ve been wanting to read.

    • He really is fantastic. I enjoy him more the more I read of him, and now I kind of want to go back and re-read The Stand… which was one of the first ones I read and I think I’d enjoy it and appreciate it a lot more now.

  6. Oh, I love King and this is very tempting! I might have to join in and if I do (on top of my already planned books for March) I think I’ll read The Stand. Everyone says this is the one I have to read! I enjoyed both Carrie and Firestarter btw!

    • Good to know, hopefully I will as well. I didn’t love The Stand as much as most people seem to, but I think it was just too overwhelming for me and I might get more out of a re-read. That’s on my list for someday… but probably not this month.

  7. Thanks for joining! The Dead Zone is one of my favorites by him, the television show with my childhood crush Anthony Michael Hall didn’t hurt, but the movie with Christopher Walken is not half bad either (not like Maximum Overdrive).

    I haven’t decided what to read yet, I’m going to try and squeeze in 5 – starting with Duma Key.

  8. I’ve read a few classics (Salem’s Lot, Carrie, The Shining), but far less of King’s books than I’d like! I’m also planning on joining in but haven’t decided which of his books to tackle yet.

    • There are SO many! Misery is good (and not a chunkster) if you haven’t read that one yet. The Dark Half is another of my favorites. Plus, of course, The Green Mile.

  9. I didn’t know about this and I’m too busy (at least for March) and spacey for set things like this, but I got the whole Dark Tower series for Christmas that I need to read. I’ve only read the first one so far and I’m interested in the rest. I read Carrie in middle school I think and I enjoyed it. His books never really scare me, which sometimes disappoints me, but I usually like some aspects of his books. I ope you like all three of these though! Have you read The Dark Tower series, by any chance?

    • I haven’t read The Dark Tower. I’m actually pretty intimidated by it. I definitely plan to read it at some point, but I want to be able to commit to reading the whole thing at once (whether or not I do, I want to at least have the option), so I think I’ll be sticking to stand-alones for now. They don’t scare me either, but that’s a good thing for me… I wouldn’t want to keep reading them if they did!

      • I’m kind of intimidated by it, too! I read the first one and it was mainly okay, but I’ve heard from two people that the first one is their least favorite and it gets a lot better after that, which is encouraging. My brother really loves it, so I’m hoping I like it, but even though I have them all I am guessing I will have to break up the reading, unless I get really involved and can’t stop myself! I actually probably wouldn’t be able to read them if I got really scared either, but the more I think about it, I was pretty young when I first tried King and I think that is when I was scare thirsty, so I was disappointed. Now I would probably end up creeping myself out and having to stop! And also, he has good like eerie/scary themes instead of huge scare moments, which is also good!

  10. I’m not joining in, but you know I love Stephen King!! Carrie was my first King read ever. I really liked it, but it was not what I was expecting at all (if I remember right … it’s been a long time)! I can’t remember if I’ve read The Dead Zone, but I know that I have not read Firestarter. I am curious to hear what you think about all of them.

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