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  1. I either give them the Seal of Disapproval comment award thingy or delete the comment. Because that bugs the crap out of me. I don’t ever like linking to my blog on someone else’s, even if the conversation warrants it, it makes me feel icky.

    I mean, I’ve done it before, but I always apologize PROFUSELY and make sure they know they can delete the link if they like.

    • I do occasionally link to a post if it’s relevant, and memes are sort of a grey area as far as that goes. Personally I don’t leave links when I comments on others’ posts… but really, I wouldn’t mind the link if it was accompanied by a legitimate comment. If it’s such a “great list,” surely you can find something more specific to say about it.

  2. It depends. On my blog, a lot of the time it’s a new person. I’ll sometimes offer a little comment back to engage them further, to kind of model what commenting should be. My biggest irritations are trackbacks/pingbacks where people just want the link to their blog to appear at the bottom of my post. I only approve those that are appropriate and directly related.

    • I don’t even show pingbacks because of that. I probably should set them up and just moderate them more carefully, but in the beginning it just wasn’t worth it for me.

  3. I agree with sj, it just feels gross leaving a link, even if it actually does add to the conversation, whatever. I don’t mind if people leave a link on my blog as long as it actually adds to the discussion, and like you said, you can TOTALLY tell when someone is pretending like they read but they really didn’t.

    • I’m sure that occasionally I’ve left comments so bland that you might wonder if I’d even read the post (I try not to, but I’m sure a few slip through while I’m distracted). But it’s more forgivable, I think, when it’s not accompanied with a link. To me, that just screams, “I don’t care about your blog but come visit mine.”

      • Oh I totally have, too. Sometimes I can’t think of what to say but want to say I liked it besides just clicking the ‘like’ button. :P But you’re right, if it’s not accompanied with a link, I’m most likely going to be okay.

  4. I completely agree these comments are annoying, but since I don’t get a lot of them and the only meme I participate in these days is Top Ten Tuesday (on occasion ), I usually do visit back. BUT the most I’ll comment on theirs is an equally bland comment such as “thanks for stopping by earlier” and there is no way I’d ever follow any of these blogs.

    I don’t see a problem with occasionally linking to a post in comments IF it is relevant to the conversation. If I’m commenting back and forth with someone, I find it useful if they provide a link rather than just saying, “I wrote about XYZ recently, so I can totally relate” — chances are if it’s relevant, I’m going to want to at least take a peek, and it’s a whole lot easier to find what they are referencing that way. Though honestly I more often link to a relevant article that has nothing to do with me! But again, it’s not like a make a habit of it, I have to feel like it truly adds to the conversation. I also find it much less obnoxious if people use basic HTML code so it is integrated into the wording of the comment instead of tacked on at the end in plain text.

    And I am definitely with you on team people vs. numbers :)

    • Yeah, that’s usually when I leave a link on those rare occasions that I do. And if someone were to do the same here I’d be fine with it. I don’t even mind the meme links (those are sort of expected) IF they actually take the time to leave a real comment. Like I said earlier, if it’s such a “great list,” why can’t you come up with something more to say?

  5. I have been blogging for a grand total of two whole months now so I have nothing profound to say. I started my site totally for fun and use the memes more to have something to think about other than work – I love reading but have had a really hard time getting into new books lately.

    I just believe that on my site I am under no obligation to post anyone’s comments – so if they are bogus or spam or simply rude, I have no qualms about chucking it in the digital bin. (I don’t even have a formal comments policy yet).

    I had noticed a number of oddly irrelevant flyby comments but didn’t put too much though into it until I realized it was like a game of tag. Since I was only ‘hopping’ to see if there was *anyone* out there with something like my taste in reading, I haven’t been playing that game – I was only leaving comments if I had something to say. I am still trying to learn the etiquette of all of this.

    OTOH, I realize that I am a bit lousy at comments, so on my site I look for patterns – someone who only visits for a total of 30 seconds to leave their “comment” and try to coerce me into visiting their sites – if it looks like they spent some time on my site, and left a less then profound comment I am not to bothered about. I imagine that on sites with lots more traffic it gets harder to work out who is a real person and who is just leaving graffiti.

    How often does this happen on your site?

    • It doesn’t happen too often. I don’t do a ton of memes, and those seem to be the common culprits. It’s just frustrating to put time and effort into a post and then feel like other bloggers are treating you as a means to an end. Like you, I only comment if I have something to say. While you do want to get your name out as much as possible, especially as you’re starting out, personally I think it does more harm than good if you’re leaving comments that don’t have any substance.

  6. I try not to let the meme comments bother me. I really don’t participate in memes unless I have something that I really want to say or post. Those are meant to be hopped around to. So honestly I am like eh… I will say though when I participate in a meme hop I will explore that person’s blog. I like to look around and find something else to comment on. The worst for these blank comments are the WOW posts. I hardly do those unless there really is a book I am waiting on. But really… if someone is not interested in that book or even know who the author is then what are they even going to comment anyways??? I do think that people who have been blogging a long time should know better then to leave those fleeting comments.

    • I definitely prefer the memes that are more like conversation starters. WOW isn’t great for that, so I imagine even the “real” comments can feel pretty generic.

  7. I never do memes, or almost never — not for any ideological reason, but just because I like having my posts scheduled well in advance, and it’s harder to do that with meme posts. So I haven’t dealt with this very much. But I agree that having someone comment on a post and it’s clearly just so they can include their own link is annoying. It’s hard to know where the line is though! I’ve felt curmudgeonly about deleting comments like that at times, and at other times I’ve felt wishy-washy for not deleting them. :/

    • It’s very hard to find that line. Most of the time they don’t bother me so much (I mean, they’re annoying, but harmless…) but one in particular last week just got me thinking about it, trying to decide if it’s worth it to change my approach going forward.

  8. The only meme I regularly participate in is “It’s Monday, What Are You Reading?”, which is more for me to focus on the week ahead/wrap up what I read the previous week than to get a ton of pageviews or new followers, so I find the spammy comments on the posts particularly annoying.

    I make it a point to reply to as many comments as I possibly can on my posts, but I actively avoid responding to those. Maybe it’s passive aggressive (okay, it IS passive aggressive)…but I almost want to leave them there as a way of pointing out like “Hey, look everyone! This person is a spammy face who gets no love!”

    • Heh! I usually respond to first-time commenters with a “thanks for reading” or “thanks for stopping by.” For this one I really wanted to write, “I would say thanks for reading, but I’m not actually sure you did.” But I just couldn’t do it.

  9. I do agree overall with your point, but memes are tricky. For Top 10 lists, I hate the “great list, here’s mine” comments. Why bother? Surely there’s something I wrote about that you can say something about — otherwise, why would you say my list is great? For WoW posts though, I’m more forgiving of the “looks cool!” type of comments. I do like to see what other people have picked for WoW posts, so I don’t mind a bland comment just so I know someone has stopped by and has a post for me to check out as well. (On the other hand, if I check out a WoW post and have no interest in the plot, author, or cover, I just won’t say anything. I can’t pretend to like something that doesn’t appeal to me at all!)

    Pingbacks are interesting. I do have them enabled, and I’ll approve the ones that actually say something — for example, someone who’s reviewed a book I’ve read and includes a link to my review as a resource for readers who want another opinion. But yeah, if it’s just for the sake of getting clicks, then no thanks.

    I never really considered deleting the “cool post!” type of comments, but it’s something to think about. I don’t think they bother me all that much; they just don’t get return visits or make me want to know more about their blogs.

    Cool post! :)

    • Yeah, there are definitely memes that are more likely to generate discussion than others… but that also means those are the posts that I’m going to spend more time on. I don’t normally do WOW (instead I do a roundup of upcoming books every few months, and usually link up). But if I did, I don’t think I’d mind those comments so much because all I did was put together a cover image and description of the book. But the more effort I put into a post, the more discouraging it is to get the people who ignore it but expect me to visit theirs.

  10. I’ve never cared for memes, but never stopped to think why before. I follow a lot of blogs, but cannot comment on every one every time. I’m sure a lot of others are in that same place. Well said, Charlene.

    • Oh, I definitely don’t comment on every post I read. But when I do comment, I like it to be something worth saying, and not just a way to get people to visit my blog.

  11. I don’t even have an official comment policy and I’ll still delete comments I see being copy-pasted! If something is just thoughtless, I’ll respond on my blog but am a lot less likely to take the time to leave a thoughtful comment on the commentor’s blog in return. It’s just not behavior I want to reward!

    • I’d just feel weird doing it if I didn’t explicitly state that those types of comments aren’t welcome. (Even though most people probably never read my comment policy before commenting, I still feel better knowing it’s there.)

  12. I prefer the people over the numbers. I don’t care if a lot of people click on my site without taking anything from it. And I can’t stand those “great list, check out mine “insert link here”” type of comments. I’ll leave them on my blog, but I won’t visit. If a person can’t take time to read what I wrote, I’m generally not going to return the favor. I make it easy, I ask a question at the end of each post. If a person truly can’t think of a comment to leave, just answer the question. There are always exceptions (I don’t mind if someone leaves a link in the comments if they reviewed the same book and wanted to let me know, but generic copy and paste comments really irritate me). I blog so that I can genuinely cultivate relationships with people of similar interests, not so I can say I have 2000 followers (who don’t really read my posts). Anyway… I will get off my soapbox now.

    • And that’s exactly why I blog as well. The only time I feel the pang of not having the numbers is if I get turned down for a NetGalley ARC (which honestly doesn’t happen as often as I’d expected when I first started). But at the same time, it’s not like I don’t already have plenty to read. So really, why should it matter to me if some publisher thinks I’m not “good enough”? Most of the time, I rather like not being in the spotlight.

  13. I mostly ignore this generic comments. Sometimes I consider deleting them but then I leave them, so they know I won’t reply.

    As for numbers, it’s nice whenever I see them going up but I hate it when there’s an artificial inflation, like on Twitter. It irks me whenever I this people who follow 50,000 accounts and have 50,000 followers, then unfollow you after a week because you didn’t follow back. It’s stupid. I’ll follow someone if I like their content, not because they think I have the obligation to.

    • I’ve never really seen a huge artificial spike, although it’s inevitable on Twitter that if I go through and purge some accounts I’m just not interested in following anymore, I’ll see a corresponding drop in my followers. It really makes me wonder how many people are even following me because they want to, and how many are only following me because I follow them?

  14. When it comes to Memes, I only comment on those blogs that I follow anyway OR I am interested in their post/meme. Of course, if it’s a new to me commenter, I check out their blog and what not. But I am a huge non believer of tit for tat commenting and I don’t comment as much as others do anyway.. I comment because I have something to say, not because *they* did. I think that is where some of the bland comments come from too. People can feel obligated to comment, ya know?
    Anyway– I just ignore those bland copy and paste comments LOL

    Great post!

    • I don’t think I’ve ever had a comment here that was an “obligation” comment. Whenever I get a bland generic comment, it’s typically from someone I’ve never seen before. I guess the blogs that I’m drawn to and comment on myself are those with bloggers who just don’t play those games. If they do come back and comment here, great. If not, that’s fine too. But whatever does or doesn’t happen, I’d rather it be a genuine interaction, not a quid pro quo.

      • Maybe obligation might not have been the best word choice.

        I don’t follow people that play those games either. But there have been many that leave bland comments, in hope of a returned one. That’s a game, in my eyes. If there was something else you meant…

        But yes, I agree. Even just ONE genuine comment is so better than 50 bland ones.

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