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  1. I don’t really *like* writing negative reviews, but I’m always honest. It’s kind of rare that I pick up I book I think I will like and I end up absolutely loathing it, so the 1 (not good) and 2 (OK) stars are few and far between. Most of what I read really is a 3 (good) 4 (really good) or 5 (excellent) star. And even if I really dislike a book, I can still be objective and say who I think might like the book better than me: “fans of X genre” or “fans of Y elements in a story,” that kind of thing. We don’t need to rub our negative reviews in authors’ faces (tweeting a link to a 1 star review using the author’s twitter handle isn’t playing nice, if you ask me), but our followers have a right to know what we really think. Not everyone likes every book and it would be absolutely ridiculous to only review books if we think they deserve 4 or 5 stars — with the ENORMOUS amount of choice in books today, how can anyone ever figure out what to read if no one is ever critical? So yea, I pretty much agree with everything in that post :)

  2. Yay for Avatar! I love that series. I have the new one with Kora that I still need to watch though.
    I hate cut and paste comments too, I get them a bunch with links to their blog posts. I don’t usually click on those links unless they made an effort as well. I actually even saw one blogger post the exact same comment on people’s blogs before.

    • I haven’t watched any of the new show. I’m using the same rule I (try to) apply to books – wait until the series is done before diving in. Not sure if I will be able to hold out, since it’ll probably be a while before all four seasons are done (assuming it lasts as long as they’ve planned), but that’s my plan.

  3. Avatar!!! I couldn’t stand when the movie “Avatar” came out. I was like NO THAT IS NOT THE AVATAR. Don’t even get me started on the craptastic movie. I like the Legend of Kora too. They have done a good job with it. It is missing the humor though that made Avatar so great though. The Legend of Kora is more Steampunk to me. But I like it.

    • I always think of the live action movie whenever I watch the end of “The Ember Island Players,” where they watch the play about themselves.

      “That… wasn’t a good play.”
      “I’ll say.”
      “No kidding.”
      “You said it.”
      “… But the effects were decent!”

  4. Those copy and paste meme comments drive me crazy too. I don’t know why they don’t comment less and just leave more meaningful comments. At least it would make them more memorable and you would feel maybe their blog is one worth following. If they can’t leave a proper comment then I don’t feel their blog will to my taste either so they are doing themselves no favour in the long run. OK rant over! But that subject just winds me up!
    Ohh that Olympics question is so hard. I think living with the regret of a mistake would be so hard. But so is living with the idea that you are just not good enough. I dunno! And even with B you might think, if I had trained harder or did x or y during my performance then maybe….

    • Exactly. Meaningful comments make me want to visit your blog. Generic ones don’t. Seems to me like taking the time to leave ten meaningful comments would get, if not MORE traffic, at least BETTER traffic, than leaving fifty generic ones. I always assume bloggers who leave those comments care more about their numbers than attracting genuine readers.

  5. Hmm, on the meme comments, I have mixed feelings. How much is there to say about someone else’s wishlist picks? I tend not to say anything unless I’m actually interested in the book, but on the other hand, leaving a comment (even if it’s just “cool choice! here’s mine”) lets me know the person stopped by. For something like the top 10 lists, I do prefer meatier comments. Otherwise, why bother? Enjoy Avatar! I’ve only seen it here and there, but I know it has a very devoted following!

    • Exactly, why bother? If I don’t have anything to say, I just prefer not to comment at all. Obviously not everyone shares that view. It’s just frustrating to put time and effort into a post only to have someone come along and use you as free advertising space.

    • I don’t do a ton, but the ones I do, I choose because I like the topic and want to use it to start a discussion. Posts are boring if you just put in the bare minimum, and the same goes for comments.

  6. I know exactly what you mean by those visitors that just write the same comment everywhere. Honestly Ill hop over to their blog and usually find nothing i want to comment on. I try to make it a point to visit back everywhere but honestly if we don’t have anything remotely in common, or id we don’t and i don’t like their discussion posts then I’m not keen on trying to fake it because thats just not my style.

    As for negative reviews I write them when I read thru the book and its bad and occasionally i write some dnf thoughts, but that happens rarely. I think its normal to not have negative reviews because the friends i know that read and don’t blog usually just give up on the book if they are hating it. Its your choice what reviews you write, you’ll still have your loyal followers.

    • I’m not as good as I’d like to be about visiting commenters’ blogs, but the other frustration is that I do make a point of replying to every comment I get here. So when someone just says, “Great list, here’s mine,” what do you say to that? Not that I’ve never left a rather lackluster comment myself… but with bloggers I’m a bit closer with, I don’t feel so bad leaving a comment just to say “Hey, I was here, great post” once in a while, as long as that’s not the bulk of our interaction. If I’m commenting on a blog for the first time, I want to say something worth saying.

  7. Oh my goodness!! We love The Last Airbender in our household!! I’ve been wanting to get my son all the seasons, but have not yet done it. It’s one of the few “kid” movies that I sit down and watch with my kids. I love it just as much, if not more than they do! Funny story … my daughter will randomly do some water bending movements! She gets some weird looks from strangers all the time!!

    • We’d been kind of bummed since the took the series off Netflix (which is how I was first introduced to it). So I decided to be a bad book nerd and use the B&N gift card I got for Christmas to buy all three seasons instead of books.

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