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  1. The tournament of books sounds like so much fun! I wouldn’t be good at time constraints, but still such a great idea.

    My brother convinced me to try sushi with him when we were on a family vacation, but I only really like the “fake stuff” — California rolls, veggie rolls, & avocado rolls — pretty much anything that doesn’t have raw fish in it. I tried some of his and it was OK, but had no desire to order it for myself next time!

    • Yeah, I do like California rolls, and I’ve tried one or two other types that are really good, though I can’t remember what they were. As for the real sushi (slab of raw meat over a mound of rice), by the last piece I was really forcing it down and trying not to gag. I probably shouldn’t have forced myself, but we were sitting AT the sushi bar, right in front of the chefs, so I’d’ve felt really bad not finishing Though I would have felt worse if I’d made myself sick, which nearly happened, so…

  2. Have fun with your Tournament of Books judging! May the best book win!

    My only allegiance with the skating is for NOBODY TO FALL. They all blow my mind with their insane athleticism, and my heart is in my throat whenever somebody leaps into spinning jumps or ESPECIALLY when somebody throws somebody else into a spinning jump. That is just nuts. That is an accident waiting to happen. Not falling is all I care about forever.

    • I don’t know if you were watching, but one of the US skaters took a really bad fall yesterday. He landed HARD and stayed down on the ice for probably like 30 seconds (though it felt much longer). The music kept going, though, and after he got up, the rest of his routine was incredible. I couldn’t believe it.

  3. That book tournament thing sounds interesting. I don’t know if I could do something like that unless I was in a specific genre bracket.

    • My first two books are very much in my genre… and in the next round I’ll either be re-reading a book I’ve already read or reading one that’s on my TBR (depending on which one wins), but by the end I’m sure I’ll be reading things I wouldn’t have picked up on my own.

  4. I’m a figure skating fan but this year I have seen too many people fall and still medal. I find this almost unbearable. If you fall you should not win. I’m sorry if that seems harsh but that is how I feel these people are Olympians they should be the best of the best and falling down is not the best. The guy from Japan did it As did one of the women’s skaters. I just can’t help but wonder what the judges see that I don’t see when this happens.

    • I know they get higher marks for more difficult moves… so the lesser skilled skaters, even if they perform flawlessly, have little hope of catching up. It does seem unfair. I think it would help a lot if falls were worth more than a single point deduction, which seems almost negligible.

  5. I have only been eating sushi for a couple years now. I never ate it before because I didn’t know anyone who ate it and didn’t know what to try. I love California rolls.. though everyone who really eats sushi makes fun of me and says that it isn’t real sushi. Whatever I love it. How fun to be a judge at your library. Really such a great opportunity!!!

    • The California rolls I’ve tried at this place… I like them, but they seem bland compared to the first time I tried one. I’m wondering if that first time, my friends got confused over which roll was which (we were at a sushi bar and they’d ordered a bunch of different kinds), and what I tried wasn’t actually a California roll but something else. Either way, I’d like to branch out… just steer clear of “real” sushi from now on.

  6. I’ve been blown away by the slope-style events. Especially the slope-style skiing. It’s utterly bizarre to me that these athletes are skiing *backward* into twisty-turny jumps. Apparently, I only like expensive sushi. I’ve never cared for any of it until I went to a birthday dinner with a friend’s Japanese family. His mom did all the ordering. I don’t know exactly what I ate, but it was surprisingly good.

    • Yes, the backwards skiing! All of those freestyle events are fun to watch, but what looks relatively simple on a snowboard is suddenly crazy on skis!

  7. The book tournament sounds uber fun!

    I’m obsessed with the Olympics and I don’t know TONS of stuff about every sport but I enjoy watching pretty much everything. I love slopestyle and the freestyle skiing and snowboarding too, it’s so much fun to watch them land those jumps and do their tricks in the air! I also love the Super-G where they’re speeding down the mountain on skis – and there was a snowboard one as well, I think if I did any sport, I’d want to do that one, it looks like it’d just be SO much fun going that fast, following the track!

    • I know hardly anything about any sport, but I’ve made a point of trying to watch at least a little bit from every category. Downhill is the only one I haven’t managed to catch yet. Oh, and Nordic Combined… but I’ve watched ski jumping and I’ve watched cross-country, so I feel like I’ve got that one covered.

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