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  1. I did enjoy Code Name Verity, although it took me a while to get into it. It’s one of those books that some people love and other might not.
    That’s the only book of the ones here that I’ve read, although my fiance read World War Z and liked it. He still likes the movie better lol.
    I’m not sure what my favourite book last month was, I read a bunch of good ones, and also one DNF as well. I’m thinking February will be the best for books though!

  2. So glad someone else had trouble with the second Thursday Next novel. I hung in through #3, then gave up. I kept feeling stupid for not being able to keep track of everyone and everything and I get enough of *that* from my kids! I ended up loving World War Z, even though I had similar issues with the short anecdote style. At then end, tho, I felt like I’d gotten a really good sense of the planet-wide nature of the situation that I’m not sure could’ve been portrayed in a traditional narrative.

    I read absolute schlock last month. Truly nothing that I can even remember, much less recommend!

      • I really loved the first one — it was smart and funny. The premise was fresh and engaging, so I was really let down with #2 and #3. I think it was a “less is more” thing as you said.

  3. I was surprised I liked World War Z, because I’m not usually crazy about short story collections either, and I agree with you that’s what World War Z was the most like. But I guess the worldbuilding was good enough to make up for the book’s other shortfalls.

    • I’ve never been really into zombies (despite reading back-to-back zombie stories this month) but I was always curious about this one. I’m glad I did read it, and I think it did give a good overall picture… but I just found it ironic that after all that about the “human factor,” that was what I really felt was missing.

  4. I read the first Thursday Next book and was amused. I read the second and was thinking, well that is enough of that – this is the one that ended with a big cliff hanger right? I just could not work up the energy to care – I kept track of everyone, but just got royally sick of the lot of them. Glad to see I am not the only person not overwhelmed by the twee cleverness of them.

    Gack – I just saw on Wikipedia (I was trying to remember which book was which) that “Lost in a Good Book has been positively received by critics. SF Site compared Fforde to both Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett and called Lost in a Good Book “a light-hearted and delightful farce”,[3] while Salon called it “as sweet and light as the promise of spring”.[4]

    Okay – Fforde in emphatically NOT Adams nor Pratchett! Not, not, not.

    • Eh, not every book is for everyone, but it just caught me off guard because I did enjoy the first one. Guess it’s a “less is more” kind of thing. Thanks for reading!

  5. One of these days I’ll get around to rereading The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo as well. I first read it in December of 2011 and I remember I loved it, read the whole series in like a week, watched both movie adaptations, the whole nine yards.

    I haven’t read anything else on your list, but The View From The Tower sounds like something I would like. I’ll have to make a note of it. (So much to read and so little time!)

  6. YES on Rebecca! I liked The Rosie Project, Code Name Verity, and World War Z a bit better than you did, but I can totally see where you’re coming from in some of your criticisms. I love it when you do mini reviews!

    • They were all good, but I was just hoping for more from each of them. (And I love that you love my mini-reviews! They’re so much less pressure than full reviews.)

  7. I enjoyed the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo a lot!! Really a great series. I think I liked World War Z more then you did. It’s been a while since I have read it. I hear the audio book of it is amazing. I guess it’s read by a bunch of famous voice actors.

  8. I am determined to finally read Rebecca this year. It’s been on my list forever!

    I really enjoyed The Eyre Affair, but haven’t moved on since. I think I need to re-read it before moving on in the series, but I’m not sure if I will make it a priority.

    I really enjoyed Stieg Larsson’s books … every single one of them!

    I have also been wanting to read World War Z, but it comes with very mixed reviews. I’m sure I will read it eventually, but it is not a priority either.

    • I’m so torn on the Thursday Next novels. I really enjoyed The Eyre Affair, but this one just fell so flat… and I don’t know if I should give it another book or not. I’m leaning toward not, which is a shame. I know a lot of readers who really like the series.

  9. I think the “short story snippet” thing is what makes me hesitiate with World War Z, even though I love the zombie genre and saw the movie and all that. Maybe if I can get my hands on the audio, which I heard is fantastic…

    Oh, and I think the Thursday Next books get better as they go on, but I thought the second was a big improvement on the first (maybe because I had to get used to the concept and world of Fforde), soooo maybe they’re just not for you. It happens :)

    • I looked at the cast list for the WWZ audio and holy crap! If you’re an audio person (I’m very much not) that might be the way to go.

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