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    • I would assume they wouldn’t have mentioned it if it was meant to be a surprise… but when it’s a blogger you aren’t familiar with, you just never know.

    • I wouldn’t either… but I don’t know if that’s the case or not! So many people have different views on what counts as a spoiler and what doesn’t.

      • Yeah good point but you know you just can’t please everybody. Some would say even writing a REVIEW is a spoiler. I just roll with it and try to do the best I can with not revealing stuff. But bah…

  1. I don’t understand nor like football, so I will probably play WoW while the guys watch the Super Bowl. Or read. It’s a win-win situation, I’d say. :P

    I’ve been sick on and off for three weeks, and finally feel well enough to get stuff done. Like blog. And comment. And work. And guild stuff. And housework. *sigh* :)

    • Ugh, I hope you feel better. Last week I was just feeling really “blah” (more mental/emotional than anything else), and then this week I actually did have a stomach bug for a few days… so I hear you on not feeling like doing anything.

  2. Broncos!!!!!! HIMYM is finally out of that slump where everyone was stuck at the chapel place. Geeze I was getting sick of it. And this season is the Robin/Barnie show. I am kind of glad it’s ending.

    My opinion is any time you think you have been spoiled on a book tell the reviewer. They may not realize it. I am in the camp where if one person thinks its a spoiler someone else might so I want to mark that spoiler. Spoilers are the worst.

    So glad your cats are getting along better. Man it’s ruff… I remember it took my cats 6 months after they had a scuffle once. It was terrible. It was after Merry had his teeth cleaned (which is happening this Monday) and he smelled different so Pippin took him out. I was sleeping and didn’t know it was happening. Now I separate them all night after teeth cleaning and make sure everyone is fine.

    • Ooh, well that’s something to keep in mind since we are probably going to get Sammy’s teeth cleaned soon. Slider’s never really needed it but the vet recommended it for Sammy when we took him in.

      And go Broncos!

  3. I hate spoilers so much, they ruin a book for me. I don’t mind if people use them but they need to give you warning first so you can choose not to read on.
    The cats look so comfy and the fact that they are stretched out and sleeping so close would seem ike a good sign that they are tolerating each other :)

    • I like to go in as blind as possible, so honestly I know I’m taking a risk any time I even read a review. That’s why I tend to stick to reading reviews only for books I’ve already read, or books that aren’t on my TBR. Once I decide I want to read it, I usually avoid reviews altogether (or just skim if I already know and trust the blogger).

  4. >>>I read a review yesterday that just casually dropped a spoiler, or at least that’s what it seemed like to me. Not having read the book, I don’t know, maybe the thing that was revealed is mentioned on the very first page. But it’s not in the blurb, and it wasn’t actually discussed in the review… so why mention it at all?

    Ahhhh, I worry about doing this myself. I hope it wasn’t me who did this! Because I don’t care about spoilers, and I read the end to find them out (they make the book better, not worse, for me), it’s sometimes hard for me to know what counts as a “spoiler” to people who do care about them. Like how far into the book does an event have to occur before it counts as a spoiler rather than set-up? It’s hard for me to know.

    Cristin Milioti is the legitimate cutest. Way to go the casting people at finding someone who could live up to all the Mother hype over the years.

    • No, it wasn’t you. Spoilers are such a gut thing, and like I said, it might not have even been one… but it was a detail I’d never seen mentioned in any other review, so it just surprised me. Also the fact that it was mentioned sort of in passing but not really discussed… so it wouldn’t have affected the review to just play it safe and leave it out altogether. (And yes, love Cristin Milioti.)

    • I used to only use football games as an occasion to get together with friends, but slowly I got more into the game. It’s still the only sport I pay attention to, though my brother is trying to change that. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Ooh, yay! I’ve actually never owned a kitten. We adopted Slider when he was about a year old, and like I said, Sammy is, if not old, at least well into middle-age. Maybe our next cat… many many years down the road.

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