14 comments on “Bookish (and not so bookish) Thoughts – #6

  1. YES to the FB/Twitter thing. I recently dumped a few people whose tweets were SOLELY fb links. If you’re not engaged at all on a medium, go ahead and let it go. When I realized I hated FB so much that the only things I posted were tweets cross-posted from Twitter, I knew it was time to break up with the book of faces.

    • Yeah, I’m not on Facebook anymore either. But even when I was, I still didn’t like being directed there from Twitter. They’re two separate things! If I want to follow you on FB I’ll do it there! An occasional “Hey, like me on FB” link would be much more effective cross-promotion, in my opinion.

  2. I think I’m going to put in some time rereading this year, too. There are so many books that I read in high school and early college that I know I loved or didn’t appreciate as much as I should have.

  3. I have to admit that I am one of those annoying people who cross post. I just don’t have the time and energy to post the same exact things in different places … or the memory! However, I do try to keep the status update most times within 140 characters so it doesn’t cut off (because this annoys me too!) and I am active on both sites. I am also starting something new this year in which I gather all the fun links in one post on my blog. My first one will appear next week!

    I am hoping for some re-reading this year as well! I am curious if you think the Larsson books will be just as great on a re–read. I really enjoyed those books, even though they were disturbing!

    • I do understand why you do it. Personally, if I cross-posted, I’d probably use Twitter as my main and have tweets auto-post to Facebook. But obviously the most effective updates are going to be tailored to each site (visual appeal for FB, short and sweet for Twitter).

  4. Not a fan of the FB links either. Or of the multiple tweets. Sometimes you get the same tweet 2-4 times since they come from different sites like FB and wordpress and whatnot. I find that really annoying.

    • YES! That’s another thing I don’t like… people who post to each site individually, but also have them automatically cross-post! If you’re doing one you don’t need the other!

  5. Sorry your week sucked! You know what I think I’m the same way with authors. Sometimes I like it more because of who the author is like knowing I’ve loved their other work but then just like you said I could also judge it harsher because their past work was better. I don’t think we can get away from that. Unless you rip the cover off and randomly pick up a book and never know who the author is lol.

    • It’s kind of funny… until I started blogging I never really worried about why I liked certain books more than others. I still try not to worry about it, but it’s impossible not to be aware of it when trying to bring at least a small degree of objectivity to the review.

  6. YES! That whole FB/Twitter thing is irritating. Lazy, if you ask me….

    I know what you mean about disconnecting an Author. If I read a book that AMAZING, I kind of expect anything else from them to be.

    • Yeah, it’s tough, especially if the first book you read by that author really blows you away. Diane Setterfield immediately comes to mind.I absolutely loved The Thirteenth Tale, which just made Bellman & Black that much more disappointing. Thanks for stopping by!

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