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  1. I have been ignoring my blog in the hopes that I would get my assignment done faster following #boutofbooks but my ability to procrastinate astounds me!
    Don’t worry about your white on black. I was getting your posts emailed and that shows black on white like in the Reader. It’s only I click to comment do I get to see the page in full glory.
    I watched the oscar norms, nothing out of the ordinary. I thought Oprah might get the nom but that was just based on popularity.
    Looking forward to hearing what’s new! Ciao for now :)

    • Good point about emails and readers. I use a reader but usually click through to the blog to read, since readers sometimes do wonky things with formatting.

    • Not necessarily, just shows you’ve been a football fan for a long time! I was barely into the game the last time the Bears got to the Super Bowl, and that was the ’06 season. My parents tell me I was very excited when we won Super Bowl XX, but I don’t know that I really believe that… I was two and a half at the time.

  2. Pastel font on white background and “fun” fonts are the absolute worst! I know everyone needs their own style, but whatever that is, I like the blog to still have a “clean” look which mostly translates to read-able (I don’t think that is asking for much!) Tons of clutter annoys me too. Put whatever you want on your sidebar, but make it clean and neat, not a jumbled mess (I’m sure you’ve seen what I am referring to!)

    I wasn’t going to read Gone Girl either, but my curiousity is majorly piqued as well. And every year after the Oscars I say I’m going to watch all (well, most) of the winners and nominees on DVD and if I actually watch 2 or 3 that’s probably a lot. I always wish I knew the nominees better when watching the awards, but never have the time (or inclination, really) to see that many movies in the theater.

    • I don’t see much in the theaters either, and when I do it’s stuff like the Marvel movies. The movies that are contenders for best picture, best acting, and the like, are the kind of movies not really worth seeing on a big screen. Not for me, anyway.

  3. I like the style of your blog because it’s different from the white on white. When it pops up on my fee I know it’s yours before anything even loads :)

    And go Broncos! Peyton was the majority of my fantasy points this year so I have to cheer for him! That whole “being raised in CO” may be a factor as well…

    • I’d probably be cheering for Peyton no matter what team he was playing for. Though I did have a couple Broncos on my fantasy team as well.

  4. I don’t know if I would have read Gone Girl if husband hadn’t recommended it. Too much mainstream praise tends to turn me off. I did read an article that Gillian Flynn majorly rewrote the ending for the movie, if that sways your opinion in any way. In that way, the book and the movie are almost two seoarate entities, so you could feel secure in only seeing the movie, without reading the book.

    • It was the mainstream praise that brought the book to my attention, but just based on the summary, it’s the sort of book I SHOULD love… but I didn’t like the other Flynn book I read, and I got so sick of this one being hyped all over the place that I just stayed away on principle. We’ll see what wins out, stubbornness or curiosity. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Ahh thanks for the shout out! Glad you like the puzzles. We took a bit of a break during the holidays but we’ll have the new puzzles up every two weeks as promised. Next round will be a box of mystery books for US entrants! Gotta clear my shelves!!

    Oh yes and I like your white on back text.

  6. To be honest, I don’t read your posts on your site, so I have no issue with the color combo! I read it first in Feedly, then click over to comment!

    I am really curious where they will take the ending in Gone Girl. I still don’t know what I think of the book, but I can tell you that I did not like the ending.

    We are football fans in our household … well, my husband is, so we watch it often. I am a fan of Peyton for sure, so I am personally hoping for Broncos and Hawks in the Super Bowl.

  7. I really wish I could have participated in the Bout of Books readathon, but man, school was a pain this past few weeks! My teachers has all of our projects and tests lined up! They’re probably over this semester and just wants us to graduate (I’m a high school senior) lol. Hmm, for blog designs, some pet peeve of mine are when they have cluttered sidebars! For those blogs, I automatically ‘x’ out. I hate seeing tons of buttons and books on the sidebar because it slows down my computer. I also hate it when people have some sort of glitter for their background or busy blog designs. It just hurts my eyes. I like it when the background is plain and the header is where most of the designs are, OR the background is the busy one, and the header is plain.

    • There’s a particular WordPress theme that has balloons… but they’re not just in the background, they’re in the foreground too (like, OVER the text) and it drives me crazy! I’m also not a huge fan of the falling snow over the holidays, but that’s not quite as bad as sparkly glitter (which just sort of reminds me of my early days online back in the ’90s… glitter and flashing and Comic Sans galore).

      Hopefully you can join in Bout of Books next time. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Happily enough, light text on a dark background is actually easier for some people to read (I would be one of them!). The most important consideration though is contrast, which is where pastel on white is a problem.

    And nope, totally not a secret, but an air of mystery is exciting ;)

  9. That last point has me so curious, I hate secrets so hope you spill the beans soon! Such a tease of a comment!
    I have no problem with your blog colours, I find it easy to read and it makes a nice change from black on white. My biggest peeve is blogs with too many images in the sidebar as they take forever to read. And capcha.
    I think I’ve only seen one of the Oscar nominations but I’m not a big movie person at all. I wait for them to come on TV so I’m always way behind everyone else.

    • The thing about movies is I’m more likely to shell out the money to see it at the theater if it’s really worth seeing on the big screen. So, not at all surprised that two of my three movies are nominees for visual effects. The movies that tend to be major Oscar contenders are more like wait-to-video movies… if I get around to seeing them at all.

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