2 comments on “Review: SecondWorld

  1. Haha, I think it’s so funny that they re-named the series you mentioned! I’m sure you’re right about why they did too. I liked the quote you shared from this one and it sounds like it turned out to be a pretty good thriller, so I’ll keep it in mind next time I’m looking to read something with a lot of action :)

    • It was a good one, just didn’t grab me right from the start. Part of that is that the prologue made it sound VERY similar to the concept for another thriller that I LOVED (Black Order by James Rollins). So I almost felt like, what’s the point of reading this one? I figured I’d just be comparing them the whole time, and this wouldn’t be able to live up to the other. But they ended up going in very different directions with it, so that actually wasn’t an issue at all.

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