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  1. I tried the one post for #boutofbooks progress this year & next time I am definitely Daily updates!!! It’s just such a pain! And good luck with your cats. When my family had two cats, I think they just learned to live with each other and stay out of each others way… So I hope yours at least become friends

    • I’m sure they will, it will just take more time than we’d expected. Based on their first meeting we thought it would be a lot smoother, but I guess there’s a big difference between “home away from home” (my parents’, where we did the initial meet-n-greet), and actual home.

  2. GAW one thing I hate about Captcha is that you don’t even know the blog has it till after you’ve commented. Then you are right.. then you have to decide to do it or not. Half the time I can’t guess what it says and if I have to guess more then once then I am out of there. I won’t bother to do it twice. I used to do daily updates for Bout of Books but they didn’t seem to get anymore comments then the master post. So I stopped doing that.

    I can’t wait for football this weekend myself. Having friends over and watching the Broncos game.

    • I’m looking forward to that game for a couple reasons. First, I love Peyton Manning (we’ve been over this). And second… the Chargers are “destined” to win the Super Bowl because they played in the Eagles’ home opener. It’s stupid and doesn’t actually mean anything, but apparently it’s held true for the last three or four years. I’m not really rooting for either team, but I am curious if the Chargers can keep the superstition alive for another week.

  3. Ugh CAPTCHA is the worst. Enough said.

    I get that a tablet could be distracting, but if I want to read, I read. I have both an iPad and a dedicated ereader, if I am reading on my iPad I generally don’t have a problem getting sidetracked unless I get an alert of some kind. However I much prefer my dedicated ereader. Easier on the eyes. lighter to carry around, and has a more bookish feel. The only benefit to the iPad is that I can get books instantly vs having to hook my ereader up to my computer (I have a way old reader).

  4. I wish CAPTCHA would just die already. Ugh. And I do the master post thing – I originally did it b/c I didn’t want to flood people’s readers with my posts, but now that I’m thinking about it, it’s also a time-saver for me too. I don’t always want to spend the time and energy on a whole post about the day before, when I could be reading instead. Buuuuut now I’m thinking maybe I’ll give it a shot next time. We shall see.

    Hooray for the cats getting more curious and less “let-me-kill-youuuu” at each other!

    And I think you’re right about the e-readers not being that distracting thing. I don’t have one (yet), but the book I’m reading actually talks about all this new technology, and when we’re reading regular books and are curious what a word means, sometimes we stop and get online and look up the word and then spend the next half hour online just screwing around. I guess that level of distraction goes down on an e-reader – you can just click on the word, see the meaning, and keep reading. HMMMMM…

    Btw, how do you like the Kobo? I’ve been leaning towards a Kindle Paperwhite, haven’t heard much about the Kobo.

    • I just copy and paste my post from the day before, and change the details. In the past I’ve actually set up drafts for the entire week so I only need to fill in my details and hit publish. For what it’s worth, I FINALLY got over to your post today! I just have a tendency to skip over links for people I follow, thinking I’ll catch their posts in my reader… only to realize that’s not actually the case.

      I really like my Kobo, old-fashioned though it is (it does have wireless, but not a touchscreen). I’d say the biggest downside is that a lot of times when ebooks are on limited-time sales on Amazon and B&N, Kobo doesn’t get on board with those discounted prices. Sometimes they do, but often they don’t. I don’t actually buy many ebooks – I mostly use it for library ebooks and NetGalley ARCs – but it’s something to consider. The device itself, though, I like very much. I can only assume that their newer models are even better.

  5. I’m not a fan of captcha either, but I ran across a blog that required you to have google + in order to comment … Um, no. Needless to say I didn’t leave the comment nor did I follow that blog.

    I have a nook with glowlight. I find it much less distracting than reading on my iPad.

    • Yeah, I wouldn’t comment on any blog that made me sign up for something (or sign in with an account I’d rather keep private).

  6. I’ve been doing a master post, but I think you make a great argument for daily updates. I might have to reconsider next year :) Good luck with the cat situation!

    • Thanks! We were introducing them a bit more today. It’ll be a while before we can leave them alone unsupervised, but we’ll get there.

  7. Aaaah, I was so looking forward to this round of playoffs, and they’ve ended with all the interesting teams being knocked out. I can’t envision a Super Bowl, at this point, that would interest me. :/

    I have a very undistracting e-reader, myself. It doesn’t do anything except books, and I’m happiest that way. There are lots of good sales on tablets, and I’ve resisted them with no difficulty. My laptop is for internet, and my Nook is for reading.

    • I wasn’t really invested in any of the teams playing. There was a small part of me rooting for the Chargers, especially once they started their 4th quarter rally, but I love Peyton Manning so I’m glad he’s still in it. If the Broncos beat the Patriots next week, I’ll be rooting for them. If not, I won’t care much who wins the Super Bowl.

  8. As you probably know, because I talk about it all the time, I have a nook tablet. I was absolutely fine with my basic first generation nook but my husband just kept upgrading me. To be honest, I don’t think all the extras are necessary but they’re nice to have. I use my nook mainly for reading and if I am distracted, it’s usually by something not on my tablet. I prefer to read over most any “pass the time” activities so it may be easier for me but in general, I’m not distracted by it and I would recommend a nook to anyone and everyone. They also make the nook simple touch these days which I don’t think is a tablet but may have minor internet capabilities.

    • That’s another good point, that there are distractions everywhere. Is resisting the urge to go online instead of read (assuming you can do both on the same device) really that much harder than resisting the urge to watch TV instead of read a book? It just struck me as a rather weak argument against e-reading.

  9. I hate blogs with captchas as well. Ugh, I never used them and honestly, most spam filters are good enough to get the spam ones out, no need to use captchas in my opinion.

    • For what it’s worth, WordPress’s spam filter is way better than Blogger’s. So I understand those who use it to reduce their own headache… but I do hope they realize that they’re sacrificing interaction.

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