4 comments on “Bout of Books 9.0 – Day Two

  1. Woot Woot! I had a good day 2 also. I feel like I got a lot more reading done today then yesterday. I think I blogged more yesterday and today I just didn’t allow myself to do that. I think I am at a stopping point for tonight!

    • Yeah, it’s a balance between reading and blogging. (I guess it always is for a book blogger, but I seem to have more trouble with it during the readathon.) Glad you had a great Day Two… hope Day Three was as well!

  2. Yay for getting 2 books done! I haven’t remembered to do any of the challenges, but this time I’ve got ten lots of commenting done :) I still need to finish my first book but I’m enjoying the relaxing pace too. Good luck reading more!
    Also following your blog, thought I was before!

    • I don’t usually participate in the challenges, but this time around I’ve been having a lot of fun with them. Thanks for following! (And don’t you just hate it when that happens?)

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