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  1. When we got our second cat, it took about a month for the hissing and puffing to die down. A couple of helpful things were to have two litterboxes, feed the cats in separate spots (like across the kitchen floor from each other), and pay plenty of attention to the first cat…without letting the second cat be neglected. So, essentially, *exactly* like bringing home a new baby when you’ve already got a toddler! Fingers crossed for you.

    • That’s really what it feels like! It doesn’t help that the new cat’s previous owner was pretty neglectful, so he’s super needy.

  2. I received the book A House in the Sky for Christmas. Despite the fact I normally like getting a gift card for books rather than an actual book :P I am excited to read it.

    • I’m glad that my mom specifically asked if there were any books I wanted. Takes the element of surprise away, but since I’m not a book hoarder and am pretty selective in what I care to own, it just works out better this way. I hope you enjoy your book!

  3. Two cats can be hard at first. My two kitties are perfect now. There was a time when they had already been living together for a few years and Pippin got freaked out by a cat from outside and just took it out on Merry. We had to keep them separated for 6 months. That was a nightmare but eventually they made peace. It’s hard work. Your facebook is gone huh? I just purged all my “friends” recently and really just kept ones on there who care about me. Now that was a good decision.

    • Oh, my! I hope it doesn’t take six months for these guys to learn to live with each other! And as for Facebook, I’d go through and purge now and then, but even the people I cared about just weren’t posting anything I cared about… or at least, the balance between things I didn’t care about and things I did finally got too far out of whack.

  4. Ooooo a new kitty! I hope they learn to get along.

    I am ALWAYS behind in replying to comments, or in reading / commenting on other blogs. It’s a never-ending struggle. I’ve accepted it.

    Good luck in 2014 :)

    • I hope so too! When we introduced them, they were a little hissy at first but then just ignored each other. We figured a lack of outright aggression was a good sign… but when we got them home, suddenly they weren’t content to leave each other alone. We’re keeping them separated for now. Hopefully we can slowly get them used to each other and become one big happy family (or, at the very least, roommates who can tolerate each other).

  5. So hard to keep on top of those comments. I hate falling behind as I really do appreciate them and want to reply but it’s time consuming so I’m always playing catch up. I have only recently starting using my personal FB again after ignoring it for about a year, it feels better after the break but I still think I won’t use it much.
    Well done on your award :)

    • I usually don’t have a problem keeping up with comments. I set aside time once a day rather than trying to catch them as they come in. But so many days of not being able to get online just buried me. I’m caught up again now though! (Still working on reading/commenting on others’ blogs, but I’ll get there.)

      • I was leaving replying till the weekend when I had more time. Trying to do them all together is hard though! I think I’ll try your plan of a little every day and hopefully stay more on top of them.

  6. I had a Twitter discussion (debate) with someone about Facebook recently. They were complaining about the crap that goes on on FB and saying that they wish they weren’t on it. My response was “Leave!”. They said it was their way of staying in contact with people. Well, I’m not on FB and I manage to stay in contact with people – email, Skype and phone calls. When I put it to the person that these are all great ways to communicate she replied that not everyone has access to these forms of communication (?!). Oh wait….You’re Facebooking from your phone! You could also call that person?!

    Finally the person I was tweeting with conceded that they are ‘phone-phobic’ now (never used to be) and I thought, isn’t that sad? And all the more reason to can Facebook? So well done you!

    • Actually, I hate talking on the phone too… but I’ve always been that way. I much prefer texting or email to keep in touch.

  7. Congrats on your Liebster! It’s always nice to be appreciated. :)

    And CATS. I really like cats but unfortunately, can’t get one because my dad doesn’t like them. Anyway, hopefully they’ll learn to get along with each other!

  8. Good luck with the new kitty cat. :-) I hope everything settles down soon.

    Some random thing, or other: A friend gave me a jigsaw puzzle this afternoon (it’s of a boat) and this morning I walked a very cute Parsons Jack Russell around a deer park which was MUDDY but fun!

  9. A week and a half is a long time for any visit to go on — me visiting someone OR someone visiting me. I love Christmas and look forward to all of our visitors, but it’s always lovely to have some peace and quiet after the holidays are over. (As my mother says, “peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away.”)

    • It really is. And we stay busy, and get together with a lot of people we only see rarely, both family and friends… but it adds up. Definitely glad to be home.

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