10 comments on “My End-of-Year Survey Continued

  1. Ooh, I’m totally checking out Bookblogging.net when I get a chance. It looks awesome!

    I gave up on Netgalley this year. Too much there. I felt too pressured to read all the things, and under a certain time constraint. No more for me.

    As for 2014 – I’m going to read whatever I want. As I always do. Work on my TBR, add more to my TBR, and have the best time. Yay for a shiny new year!

    • What I really like about NetGalley is that it gives me access to smaller publishing houses that I know I’d never read if I were just relying on the library. I just need to be a little pickier about what and how much I actually request.

  2. This part of the survey is what I skipped to on everyone’s. It’s more personal and I enjoy learning more about bloggers. I agree about discovering blogs where maybe you don’t have the same tastes in books but sometimes the other things going on on that blog are just fun and make you like that person’s voice (since we don’t really know the person). Can’t wait to see what you have in store in 2014!

  3. I haven’t heard of the book blogging forum — thank you for referencing it.

    Your reference to which post you wish got more views got me, it seems that posts I really care about or reviews that I feel good about get less views. Not sure why!

    • It’s really, really hard to know what other people are going to connect with. It seems like a lot of blogging advice says, as long as you’re genuine and love what you’re writing about, other people will respond to that enthusiasm… but it isn’t always the case, is it?

  4. I read your ITW posts all the time, I just don’t often comment on them. If you haven’t read the book, it can be hard to comment and I hate leaving a crappy comment. Just so you know they do get loving just not commenting!
    I’m with you on less NetGalley (but still some) and more of my own books this year. But as it’s the 4th and I’ve already received one, I’m not sure how easy this one will be to stick to :O

    • Well it’s good to know they’re not being ignored! I feel the same way, though; it’s much harder to comment on reviews than discussion posts (where I can almost always find something to say) unless I’ve already read the book.

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