24 comments on “Bout of Books 9.0 – Goals

  1. Looks like a great pile of books! I need to read Lost in a Good Book sooner rather than later myself!

    I’m so tempted to join in, but I think I may only be able to really participate the first half of the week. I’m not sure how much I will be able to get in the second half. So, I’m leaning towards yes, but I have not made it official yet.

  2. I love that you’re into thrillers because that the total opposite to me, so reading your reviews and posts keeps me balanced! it can’t be smiles & happy ever afters all the time!

    I bummed! I posted my goals for #boutofbooks 9.0 before Christmas thinking I would be on holiday & can read all I want. After reading your post, it dawned on me that I’ll be back at work!!!! reading time just for cut in half :(

    Hopefully you’ll see me at the starting line.

  3. How fun that you already have your goals set up!! I am not going to do that till like the day before… who knows what I’ll be reading by then!

    • I usually don’t know ahead of time, but I was having to do so much planning with going out of town for the holidays, making sure I picked up all my library holds, making sure there was nothing going to be due while I was gone… and I ended up with this stack!

  4. I’m a huge Fforde ffan (ha), so I hope you enjoy Lost in a Good Book! And I absolutely LOVED Code Name Verity. Be prepared to cry a little (or, in my case, sob uncontrollably)!

    Haven’t set up my goals yet, but I will also be participating in Bout of Books. I’ll definitely be stopping by to look at your mini-challenge!

    • The nice thing about Bout of Books is they run on Central time which is where I am. I hope you can make them. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I’m hosting a challenge for the first time too! :) I think my only reading goal will be to read more than normal and like you, I’ll probably try to make all of the twitter chats. They’re one of my favorite parts of the event.

    • I know! They’re so crazy but I’ve gotten so used to the craziness that now any other Twitter chat seems slow in comparison.

  6. Elizabeth Wein is one of those authors I know I must read, but I just haven’t gotten around to yet… She’d be perfect for this read-a-thon. I just have to get organised! :-) Have fun next week honey.

  7. Lost in a good book is a good choice I think, really like it. Code Name Verity is still on my to read list but I’ve heard so many good things about it. Have fun reading!

    • Well, you’ve got company for now… I don’t know that I’ll be able to say the same a week from now. Thanks for reading!

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