14 comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten New-to-Me Authors from 2013

  1. I have high hopes for Attachments (thanks to Katie’s recommendation). I just picked up my copy from the library.

    My favorite new to me author this year…? Owen King, Ben Schrank… Wow, I’m just realizing how little I branched out in the author category this year. So many repeat names….

    • I think this year I’ve read more new-to-me authors than I ever have before. Not that I don’t like spreading my wings a bit, but I feel like I’m neglecting my tried-and-true authors. Hope to correct that a bit next year.

  2. Maybe we should team up for a Jasper Fforde read! I also just read The Eyre Affair this year, and enjoyed it so much! I definitely want to continue the series, if I can find time. I also read Mira Grant for the first time this year (Parasite), and really need to read the Feed books. I have a few Alison Weir books (fiction and non-fiction) and have heard such good things, although I haven’t read any yet! And I really want to read Ready Player One as well. Great list — sounds like you had a great reading year in 2013! :)

    • I have the next Thursday Next book on my tentative pile for Bout of Books in a couple weeks; I figure that’s a perfect time to read some literary shenanigans. And yes, you really do need to read Feed.

  3. I’ve been meaning to read Ready Player One for so long! I actually put a hold on Feed in Overdrive a few days ago, too. I definitely need to check out some of the other authors, especially Weir, I think!

    • Ready Player One and Feed, in addition to being by new-to-me authors, were two of my favorite books this year. I hope you enjoy them!

  4. Big fan of Mira Grant and Jasper Fforde here! I’m currently in the middle of the audiobook of Ready Player One. It’s taking me a while to get through because it expired and now that I have it back I’m in the middle of another audio. I look forward to getting back to it very soon though!

    • I just love that the narrator for that is Wil Wheaton. I have no idea what he’s like as a narrator, maybe he’s terrible… but really, who better to represent a book about gaming and geeking out over pop culture?

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