15 comments on “Return of the Not-So-Random Reads

    • Ha!

      I also have a super secret project that will take some of my reading time early next year, something that’s just come up… but I’m excited about it.

  1. Yup, already overwhelmed! Step one will be, like you, backing off on my NetGalley requests for a while. I was having a blast with it, until I started getting approved more and now I’m feeling overcommitted. I’m starting to reorganize my physical bookshelves so I can get a truer sense of what I have that feels like a priority, and which books that have been sitting there long enough that maybe I should donate them. So many books…

    • I think next year I’m going to try to aim for one NetGalley title per month. That way I can still explore new authors and small press publishers, without taking away from my already existing TBR. Unless I find a book on NetGalley that I was already looking forward to… it doesn’t happen often, but it’s exciting when it does!

  2. Haha I feel your pain! I recently added way too many titles to my review list and I haven’t even finished all my review books for this year. I still always make time for my personal books though. Just not as many as I’d like!

    • I think next year I’m going to try to cut down on review books. I didn’t start the blog as an opportunity to get ARCs, and I have so many books on my TBR as it is.

      • Thats a wonderful goal! I’m already starting to be more picky for myself. I went to BEA last year and just loaded up on so many books that I wanted to read and didn’t lessen the review books I also accepted so that made my 2013 rather insane. This year I’m still going but I’m going to reduce the books accepted or requested. I can tell myself I’ll do these things. We’ll see how I follow thru with it! lol

  3. Ah, the dreaded TBR! The first half of the year, I am really going to just focus on the books that are currently on my shelf. Since most of my books are still packed away, I will leave them that way until I get through enough books on my shelves to have room for another box to be opened. We are moving again this summer, so I’m hoping this plan will not only help with managing my TBR (in a really random way), but also make packing easier when that times comes again so soon!

    • Sounds like a good plan. Books are one of the worst things about moving. Amusingly, I was helping a friend move today, and someone else went to pick up a couple boxes of books… and was shocked at how heavy they were. Clearly not a reader.

  4. If I had my way, I’d just buy everything. But instead, I’m trying really hard to limiting my searches. There are a few series I need to catch up on that everyone seems to be telling me to read. For next year, I think I’ll stick to the newest installments of series I already have at this point in the game. Otherwise my list would just go on forever and ever….

    • I haven’t come up with any specific limits… maybe I should. It’s tough, though, because I know any limits I make are, well, limiting. Maybe I could do theme months or something, but I know there’s no way I could say something like “no new authors” for an entire year. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. I am in a perpetual state of “overwhelmed” when it comes to books. I have considered not allowing myself to get/read any new books until I read the ones I have, but that might take me out of the “new” book game for literally, years. I almost wish I was more neurotic about this kind of thing :) I’m trying to come up with a long-term plan to start in the new year, but haven’t quite gotten there yet…I really want a method/plan/strategy/what-have-you that I can both stick with and be happy about without feeling like I’m punishing myself, so I shall have to see what I come up with!

    • Oh, and I know they are not for everyone, but one thing I like to do since I’ve been blogging is join a bunch of year long challenges in all different genres that I know I want to get to at some point in the year — that way I have an “excuse” to read some of the books I might otherwise push aside when all the new books start flooding in :)

      • Yeah, I’ve never really felt the urge to join a challenge. Well, that’s not true… I’ll get excited when everyone else is going on about them and get the urge to join… but once I think about it I realize that the minute I signed up for one, I’d suddenly want to read everything BUT the books that count for the challenge. Maybe someday I’ll feel differently, but for now they just aren’t for me. It’s great you can use them to give you a push though.

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