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    • It’s not the strongest ending I’ve ever read – I liked the book as a whole, in terms of where it took the series, but then the end of the book lost a bit of steam – but overall I enjoyed it. I’m definitely glad I read the series.

  1. Dude, I love it when you do mini-reviews. The Virgin’s Lover was my first Philippa Gregory and one of my gateway drugs into historical fiction. I have a hard time when discussing the Tudors knowing which bits of intrigue are factual and which are fabrication…

    • Oh, I just assume I don’t know anything other than the family trees. I don’t get all up-in-arms about historical fiction not being accurate. As long as it’s a good story, I don’t really care how much is true; that’s why I’m reading fiction.

      • The only thing that REALLY bothered me was when they did the Tudors tv show and they didn’t give Henry VIII red hair. I mean, really. How hard is it to get a bottle of dye? His hair color was well documented. Everything else, well. You know. TV has to sex it up.

  2. I haven’t heard of any of these other books except the Divergent trilogy! I definitely agree that the first one was the best and that Allegiant was a good conclusion. I did find that Allegiant was a bit boring though, and the two POVs sounding the same was kind of annoying.

    • There were several details that sort of bugged me, but the fact that Tris and Tobias sounded identical was probably the biggest. Introducing a new 1st-person voice so late in the series, that voice really needs to be unique for it to work. But, looking at the big picture, I liked where the series went.

  3. I read The Eye of the Dragon so many years ago, and I’ve always wanted to go back to it! I keep changing my mind about whether I want to read the Divergent trilogy, and hearing from you and others that the end isn’t very satisfying doesn’t really make me want to start. I was on a Philippa Gregory kick for a while, and there are some of her books that I’ve loved, but I was actually bored to tears during The Virgin’s Lover, much as I really wanted to like it!

    • It happens. I actually didn’t think The Other Boleyn Girl was anything special, and that’s the one everyone seems to love. As for Divergent, I liked the concept, and I really liked the first book. The payoff wasn’t as strong as it could have been, but I don’t agree with the fans who are up in arms about how terrible the ending was.

      • Well, I’m sure I’ll get around to giving it a try one of these days, maybe before the movie comes out. I think I’ve just read one too many dystopia books to feel excited about it. As for Philippa Gregory, I agree about The Other Boleyn Girl. I particularly liked The Queen’s Fool, which was the first book I’d read by her.

  4. I remember reading that Fear Street book! Although I can’t remember exactly what it was about… but I do remember it freaking me out.

    The trailer for Divergent looks good, and I keep thinking I might want to read it… but I’ve seen several lukewarm ratings for the second and third books, so I don’t know.

    • November really was a crazy month for me, even with a couple of those being DNFs. And yes, I was shocked when I realized that he was 70… it’s great that he’s still writing!

  5. I have similar feelings to you on the Divergent series, I love book one and the others are ok. I did enjoy the ending though and the characters are fab.

    • I’ll be interested to see the movies. Especially Allegiant, because the movie will remove one of my biggest issues with the book – the main characters switching POVs but with identical voices – so as long as it’s well-done, I’ll probably enjoy the movie a lot more than the book.

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