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  1. I decided right of the bat that I did not want to participate in that. I’m more of a memoir/non-fiction writer. I would love to write fiction, but it just isn’t in me at this point.

  2. Fair enough! I’ve never done NaNoWriMo, although not because I don’t think it would be fun or good for me; there’s just always been something happening in November that made it impossible. (Or I’ve forgotten about it until a week into November.) I think it’s just up to you whether it’s worthwhile!

    • The first time I did it, I actually didn’t sign up until the 6th, I think it was. I still finished with time to spare. But I was in my final year of college at the time… writing a novel makes for a wonderful excuse for procrastination from end-of-semester projects.

    • It’s something I’ve been thinking about all month. I imagine that if I participate in the future it will be as a NaNo rebel… but who knows?

  3. I didn’t realise you wrote Charleen. And it doesn’t sound like you gave up on your goal, it sounds like you worked hard at it, accomplished a lot (5 drafts!) and have just moved on. I have no ambitions to be a writer but like you I find I put a lot of my thoughts and feelings into my blog. I feel it allows me to be creative and that just seems to satisfy some need within me.

  4. I did try to write, this is my first time. I enjoyed the experiance and realize that it is hard to stick to it. I didn’t get very far but have learned from the try. Thanks for your information.

  5. This is very interesting. I did my first NaNoWriMo this year and it was surprisingly easy to write the 50k words. I really do hope I will manage to revise them as the story is supposed to go up on the blog. So far, it was a great exercise and who knows, maybe I will someday write something worthwhile or I will just end up with a bunch of drafts like you, it’s too early to tell.
    There is no shame in realising your just not interested in this thing anymore, that’s totally okay.

  6. I did NaNo two years ago, because there was a story in my head that I couldn’t get out. It wasn’t good or anything, but it was THERE. I used to write ALL the time. I never shared it with anyone, but reading and writing were what people knew me for. I kind of went through a period lately where I had not been writing at all, and then I was struck with the need to get stuff out of my head again. I almost wanted to do NaNo just to meet other writers and stuff. I’m not really set on publishing or anything, but I do enjoy and feel the need to write sometimes. ANYWAY, I’m glad you figured out it wasn’t worth it for you, letting things go when the time is right is always a good feeling! And I’m glad you found what you needed in blogging!

    • I definitely get the needing to get stuff out of your head. Unfortunately, I do still get those story ideas. They haven’t stopped. It’s sort of irritating having the inspiration but not the inclination to put in the effort.

  7. I want to write a novel, but I think I’d rather write my own memoirs more. I know myself better than I know anything else, and I think it’s a better place to start. If that makes sense. I’ve never done NaNoWriMo, but I want to. One day.

    • It’s a ton of fun. I’ve never gone to any in-person events, but I know there are a ton back in the Chicago area. Kick-off parties, wrap-up parties… all sorts of parties. It’s right up your alley. (Oh, and there’s writing too…)

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