15 comments on “Random Reads: Death Dangles a Participle

  1. I have to ask: What are cozies? I don’t think I’ve heard the term before (but maybe that ‘s because I’m not much of a mystery-genre reader.) Bravo for picking up a random book at the library! I don’t do that often, but it’s a fun “adventure” in reading, even if it’s not always a success!

    • Cozies are lighter mysteries, usually with a “regular” person solving the crime instead of a detective. They’re just a little too cute for me.

  2. I used to go to the library and decide to pick from a particular place rather than look for authors I knew but it rarely worked for me. Now I have so many books I want to read that I haven’t picked up a random book in a long while. I hope you have more luck next time!

    • I’m purposely trying to make an effort, after realizing I haven’t just stumbled upon a book naturally in so long. I wanted to make this a once-a-month thing, but a couple months in, I’m not sure it’s worth taking the time away from my TBR. We’ll see how long my little experiment lasts…

    • It’s something I’m trying to make more of an effort to do. The Thirteenth Tale was a completely random read when I first picked it up and it’s one of my all-time favorites… but I guess it’s a lot to hope for to have that kind of luck again.

  3. I have to second Lisa’s thought – what are cozies? I’ll go look them up, but based on the name alone I am fairly certain they are not on my reading radar.

  4. It’s a bummer that the book sucked, because that is a delightful title! Death Dangles a Participle. I kind of want to borrow it and rename one of my imaginary bands…

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