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  1. You are so organized! I should do something more like this for my own tbr list — it’s currently completely unorganized, and I think categorizing it in more ways would be better for me. Maybe if I put tags on all of the books? And then I could search by what sort of book I’m in the mood for?

    (You’re inspiring me. I can’t stop thinking now about what would make a perfect TBR pile spreadsheet.)

    • Glad to spread the inspiration! Mine could probably use some tweaking too. I keep seeing people doing things with color and now I feel like mine are so plain.

  2. A friend and I just had a discussion about the misleading book count on GR–I had no idea GR added those figures together for people’s book counts. They really need to separate them.

    • Right? Why do I care how many books someone has on their TBR? I really wish they’d just show the number of books on their “read” shelf. Not so I can be judgy about it, but… if they’re going to include a number at all in that mini profile, show me the one that means something.

  3. Wow, your TBR management system seems so intense! I feel like mine is just… nothing! I use Goodreads, but even then I try to limit my use of it. I mean, not because I’ve ever felt like I could be misleading others like you mention, but just because I feel like it’s a waste having so many on there because then when I do have money for a book it’s too hard to choose which to buy with so many choices (and half the time I can’t even remember why I put a book on my TBR list to begin with)! I always feel like for me I don’t like having a TBR list because my own-but-need-to-read list is so ridiculous that I rather focus on that instead, unless it’s an author/book that I feel I absolutely must have. If that makes sense? It’s the only way to make me feel like I’m not completely drowning in books ><

    • I think part of the reason I get so into my virtual TBR is because I don’t have a physical one. I’m sure if I had tons of books sitting around that I hadn’t read yet, I’d be much more focused on those. I think you’re smart to use that “add to shelf” button sparingly… it’s easy to get carried away and then feel like you HAVE to read everything on your list or you’re missing out.

  4. I have to be honest. I don’t even know how the hell I picked the next book I read. I mean really I guess it’s what comes into the library and when it’s due back. I am reading a book now just because I can’t check it out any longer so I need to get it done! One of the book clubs I run on goodreads I am going to slow down on and not read with them every month so this might help me get my list a little bit more under control!

    • Due dates definitely play into my book selections, but unless it’s an interlibrary loan, or a new release with a ridiculously long waiting list, I don’t feel too bad about returning books unread if it comes to it, because I can always check it out again. Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew (or renew).

  5. You already know we share the love of organising our reading lists on Excel so I love seeing more details about how exactly you organise yours. The idea of replacing like genre with like genre is a good one, I don’t think too much about what books I add but your way would really ensure I always have a good mix on hand. I’m going to think about doing that too. And that Goodreads thing drives me mad especially as GR uses that to generate their top reader stats, that is just wrong! It should be based on ‘read’ shelf only.

  6. That is such a good point about the ‘to read’ GR list – For awhile there I was trying to periodically clean those to read shelves out and remove books that i don’t plan on reading anytime soon but I got tired of it.

    Instead I use the To-read list as a shelf of books I actually own! So if it’s to read that means I own it already. If its Consider -reading that means I’ll think about it, if its Wishlist, thats something i want to read and will hopefully pick up someday or buy. So it works better for me that way now.

    • It seems like a lot of people use ‘to-read’ for the books they own. I think I’m something of an anomaly for not having piles of books lying around unread.

  7. You know, I never even thought about the significance of a total number of books on a person’s GoodReads, because I’ve always taken into consideration the “want to read” list. This is probably partially due to knowing just how large my own to read list is! Sometimes I find my total “Read” list number depressingly low, but I have to remind myself that 1. I haven’t been using GoodReads my whole life… 2. which means there are a lot of books I read as a kid/teen that never made it to the “Read” shelf because I can’t remember them all 3. I never have been (nor ever will be) the kind of reader who can manage 100+ books per year, as much as I might wish I could.

    My Own-To-Read list is also kind of absurdly high, but I think I’ve finally come to peace with the fact that collecting books and curating my own little library is a big part of my enjoyment of books in addition to the obvious enjoyment of actually reading them! I love discovering hidden gems in used bookstores, so my collecting habit doesn’t get too expensive…

    I do love your system of determining your short-list though — as much as I have failed at creating my own short list in the past, I think you have some really good tips here, particularly making sure to choose a few from the various categories to create a mixture of choices.

    • P.S. (As if that comment wasn’t long enough already!) I’m updating my “Blogs I Read” page and was wondering if it would be OK to use your badge/logo to link to your site? Since it’s not an “official” button with a code provided, I didn’t want to snag it without asking first!

    • In terms of using the number to determine how active they are, I think it still works just fine; someone’s probably not going to bother piling up books on their TBR if they’re only on GR to promote themselves (which is primarily why I don’t like to add people who have more friends than books).

      And yes… feel free to use my mini-banner. Thanks for checking!

  8. I’m a frequent library users also. We don’t buy a lot of books because we don’t have the money to do so. I usually try to read one own book per month if I have any owned books that I haven’t read otherwise I primarily read library books. I do it totally by mood. I order books from the library based on what is sparking my interest at the time. I usually pick about 5 books I hope to read in the month for my TBR list. If I don’t read them I move them to the next month. All books on my blog TBR are read within the year.

    • I always have a rotating pile of library books. And I do try to keep a variety so I have something no matter what I’m in the mood for. Thanks for stopping by!

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