4 comments on “Review: The Loch Ness Legacy

  1. I hate when I’m disappointed because I feel it could have been better but its sort of that undefinable feeling and you don’t know HOW it could have been better.

    • Yes, that’s exactly it. Sometimes I can say, “I would have liked it better if X, Y, or Z…” But so often it’s much more ambiguous than that. I just wanted something… else.

  2. I read the blurb at the top and I was like “ooooh I might actually want to read one of Charleen’s thrillers!” The I read the rest and the sad trombone played. I think the Loch Ness Monster is such a cool subject to explore. Conspiracy theories and mysterious animals fascinate me.

    • Whomp, whomp…

      Sorry to burst your bubble. I’ll have to look back and see if I’ve read any really good ones that fit that description. Nothing’s coming to mind (aside from the other Nessie book I mentioned) but I do suffer a bit from book amnesia, so…

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