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    • I’ve only recently gotten into football, just in the last few years. I grew up in the suburbs so I’ve always been a “Bears fan,” I just didn’t pay much attention to it growing up.

      And yeah, it’s never fun when they get hurt… although he was looking good jogging back to the locker room to get checked out. It’s the ones where the guys can barely get off the ground that are really ugly (and sometimes scary).

    • Fabulosity sounds like it should be the name of a website. Probably just because it sounds like Travelocity. Now I’m wondering what fabulosity-dot-com would be all about… hmm…

  1. So much to love about this post! Mostly that I don’t feel so alone in my slackerishness. I always think I will do the NaNoWriMo but never manage to gather my wits in time. And the NetGalley thing- way cool! I don’t think I’m on anyone’s approval list. Well, my mother but that just means she says novenas for me.

    • I definitely wasn’t expecting those NetGalley approvals, I just figured I was planning on reading the books anyway (I’m already on the library waiting list for them) so why not? Thanks for stopping by!

    • It’s so frustrating! I have so many unwritten or half-written reviews but I just feel like I can’t do the books justice. I feel like my writing right now is about a step above “See Spot Run” (maybe a step and a half). Ugh!

  2. I sort of have an Excel doc for all of the books I own but I never thought to do some kind of spreadsheet/organisation for the books on my to-read pile. I just go on a whim when it comes to that (although I do have a list of books I need to get through from NetGalley; wouldn’t want the book to be archived before I have a chance to read it (as much as possible)!)

    There are weeks when it’s easy to come up with 10 points for this blogging event, lol. Have fun reading the two ARCs you were approved of :)

    • I keep track of my NetGalley books in another area, with all my blogging notes. I’ve never had it happen where a book expired before I got to it, but it’s been close a couple times. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Yay for ARC approvals :D I’ve only just discovered NetGalley myself, it’s a bit daunting! I feel like I don’t belong, but I’ve got a couple of fun reads out of it so far. I hope you enjoy yours!

    And I’m now following you on twitter, it’s always nice to have more bookish folk over there :)

    • I totally get the not belonging feeling. When I started out on NetGalley, I made a point of looking for books that were “Read Now” because I was too timid to actually request. I’ve had lots of success with smaller publishers, but the big ones still make me nervous. Thanks for reading!

    • My new ARCs are White Fire by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child and King & Maxwell by David Baldacci. They’re next up on my TBR – can’t wait!

    • Well, I probably wasn’t going to buy them anyway (library ftw!), but it’s more that I’m excited to take on ARCs that I know I’m going to enjoy, whereas most books I request I’m taking a chance on a new author.

  4. I’m having terrible writer’s block at the moment too unfortunately. I signed up to do NaNoWriMo for the first time and just gave up before it even started. There’s always next year I suppose. I’m happy you got approved for books you wanted! That seems to happen so rarely for me anymore. I’m constantly going on an impulse requesting spree and end up being approved for books I’ll never enjoy reading. Oh well, I suppose I just need some self control haha.

    • I’m usually excited (or at least optimistic) about all the books I request… some just turn out better than others. Thanks for stopping by!

    • The funny thing is that I later realized that I DID have another item I meant to include! So I could have legitimately had five items, rather than four items and a cheater item… but I’ll just save that for next time. If I don’t forget again.

  5. I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year for the first time. So far, my word count is very low, but I hope to make up for some of that this week. I got a bit of a late start because my real outlining didn’t really begin until the 1st!

    • My first time doing NaNo, I didn’t outline at all, and didn’t sign up until the 6th. I still managed to finish with time to spare. Of course, it was my last year of college and I was a master procrastinator… that certainly helped.

  6. It is a struggle for me to get to ten sometimes (read: most of the time). And then I worry that people will find all the extra I throw in boring. It sometimes amazes me that I manage to be self-conscious even online.

  7. I’ve never seriously considered doing NaNoWriMo though reading posts from people participating does kind of make me want to give writing a more serious go — I do have one idea I still like scribbled in a notebook…. Definitely more a reader than a writer, but would be interesting to see if I could even get anything longer than a few pages started. I DEFINITELY would not do NaBloPoMo — the idea of posting every single day holds no appeal for me — I’m big on quality over quantity and I think daily posts from me would peter off rather quickly into a definite lack of quality!

    • It’s sad to think about, but I don’t know that I’ll really do NaNoWriMo again. It was always so much fun, but last year I really felt like I was just phoning it in, I haven’t done anything with any of my previous projects, haven’t felt the drive to start anything new… really I’m just not feeling the fiction writing at all anymore.

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