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  1. I kind of skimmed this because I’ve got it waiting in the wings. Have I mentioned how much I adore you for pushing me to read Mira Grant? Because it’s a whole lot. Even if this isn’t as good as feed, I see there are 4 stars to be had. I’m excited!

    • One of us! One of us!

      I feel very late to the game considering how many people read and loved Newsflesh before I did, but I’m glad I could help nudge you in her direction.

  2. “For the most part I knew where things were headed” — yup. But, even though the surprises didn’t seem very surprising, somehow this book still worked for me. I’m also looking forward to seeing where the story goes!

    • I’m pretty excited it’s just a duology. Like you said, it’s a nice change of pace… also that means the story will be finished sooner! There’s a reason I don’t like to read in-progress series!

      • Me too. One of my resolutions for 2013 was to not start any new series unless they’re already complete or have a release date for the final volume. And I’ve mostly stuck with it (Parasite being one exception…)

  3. I’m really excited to read this! I already kind of figured it wouldn’t be as good as Feed (because Feed was SO GOOD), so my expectations aren’t TOO high. I’m glad you liked it overall.

  4. When you ask if I would ever consider getting this medical treatment, I have flashbacks to the gory book The Troop I recently reviewed. Just because of that book, I don’t know if I’d ever be able to do it! This book seems much more interesting than that one though.

    • Yeah, I’ve seen reviews for that one, it looks interesting. I have a feeling Parasite is somewhat less disturbing. (Well, still disturbing… just in a different way.)

  5. I feel so squeamish at the thought of this! Even the name creeps me out. I haven’t read anything by Mira yet but I’m hoping to read Feed soonish and I get the feeling you prefer than one anyway.

  6. Its hard to get into a book if you don’t feel that instant connection. Heck if I don’t like the character it can destroy the whole experience. I’m glad you liked it tho – its sitting on my shelf and I think April is about to finish reading it!

    • It’s funny, I always think of myself as more a story reader than a character reader… but even in books with a great story, the characters really can make or break it.

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