12 comments on “October Mini-Reviews

  1. I’m digging the mini reviews! It’s fun to see what you’ve read especially when it doesn’t necessarily fit into the thriller category. (Mostly, I’m thinking about Rainbow Rowell, because I’m obsessed with her and I love that you loved Attachments as much as I did!)

    • Oh, I know, every time I post a review, you’re all, “Ugh, ANOTHER thriller… geez…” And yes, I need to check out her other books sooner rather than later!

  2. Yayyyy Attachments! Part of me wants to get in on the Stephen King hype, but I haven’t read The Shining yet and I feel like I have to read that first, even if DS could stand on it’s own. I’m ridiculous.

    • I totally get it, I’m ridiculous too. When I’m trying to decide if something would stand on its own or not, I’m mainly putting that in there for the people who aren’t like me… because I know no matter what anyone said, I’d want to start from Book One regardless.

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