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  1. Great review! I just bought the audio book and plan to start Doctor Sleep this week. Interesting that it is more of a companion, but that makes sense given the large time period between the two books, the different story entirely and that The Shining really was a complete story on its own.

    • I think if he tried to write something more closely tied to the first book it wouldn’t have worked as well. As it is, the book we got is a great one. I hope you enjoy it! (And I’ve heard the audio is really good, too.)

  2. Yes! I agree with what you have said here!! I have not read a lot of King’s recent works, but this one I am glad I did. It was good. Heck, it was great! Now, I’m curious about what I’ve been missing with his other recent work!

    • The only recent one I’ve read is Under the Dome (which is a great example of a not-so-great ending from him). Since that one, I’ve been working my way through more of his classic stuff before reaching for the newer stuff.

  3. I’m glad to hear it stands on its own. I thought about reading The Shining and this one but it’ll definitely have to wait a long while in the pile of to be read someday…versus the needs to be read this week.

  4. I am not a huge fan of King, it’s hard for me to get into most of his books. However The Shining was one that I really loved and I was excited when they announced Doctor Sleep. I’m glad it’s able to stand on it’s own though because it’s been so long since I’ve read The Shining and I really don’t have time to read it again anytime soon. Hopefully I’ll get to this one before too long! I’m really interested in this new group of people and Dan Torrance as an adult! Awesome review and thanks so much for no spoilers – so much appreciated!! <3

    • King can be hit or miss for me. I really like his writing in general, but some of the stories just don’t do it for me. This was a good one, though. I hope you like it!

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