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  1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I also thought the twist about Dan being Abra’s uncle was great. (I had to go back to The Shining to see if there might have been a hint of anything, but didn’t find anything apart from Jack’s drunken binges, which I suppose could have led anywhere). I do think, for me anyway, that rereading The Shining right before Doctor Sleep made a huge difference in my enjoyment of Doctor Sleep. It would still work as a novel without the re-read, but all the small details — Horace Derwent, for a big one — really make so much more sense and have a big (terrifying) impact with The Shining fresh in mind. I loved Stephen King’s little shout-outs to not only his own works, but also to his son’s (a couple of NOS4A2 references!).

    I love that you did the Sleep Along! I hope you had fun!

    • Especially since he didn’t write The Shining with a sequel in mind, I wouldn’t expect there to be anything… but I suppose King just figured it was perfectly reasonable to think that he could have had affairs during those days. And yes, I doubt it would have been quite the same if I hadn’t just re-read the book.

  2. Ahhh! I was over at Chuck Wendig’s blog post where people are posting their favorite Stephen King novels, and a couple of people said that Doctor Sleep was “lame”. I know everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I was thinking “HOW DARE YOU IT WAS AMAZING”. But I digress.

    I just loved it. It was nice having The Shining fresh in my mind, as well as The Dark Tower series (there were a few of those references too) and I have NOS4A2 from the library right now and will get those references eventually. :)

    Thanks so much to both you and Tif for hosting the two read alongs :) It was so much fun!

    • I’ve seen a couple negative reactions to the book, but most have been overwhelmingly positive. I wouldn’t say it’s a new favorite, but I did really like it. Honestly it’s hard to say which book I liked better, just because they are quite different (even if the one is a continuation of the other).

  3. I loved it! I picture the True Knot as a form of vampire, and quite frankly, I don’t want to know any more than I learned in reading the book. It was interesting, though, how they took care of one another. I, too, thought that Abra being Dan’s niece was interesting. One of the best of King’s that I’ve read.

    • I did find that the more I learned of the True Knot, the more I wanted to know. In the beginning I wasn’t interested in them at all beyond just being the “bad guys” for this book.

  4. I agree about the True Knot – I want to know more too! It seems as if King was holding back on their story, like it was almost there but edited out from the final cut of the novel. I am hoping he will write a short story or novella explaining the True Knot origins or history.. at least Rose’s rise to power so we have more insight into her.

    • Whether it was in an earlier draft or not, I’m sure he knows more than we do at this point. I would love to read more about them, whether in the form of a novella focused on them, or if they made an appearance in another book, or even just if King gave more background in an interview… although I don’t know that he’d do that. Probably more likely to keep it all close the chest, in case he wants to use them again later.

  5. I agree with you about the True Knot. If he doesn’t do a novella, maybe he will incorporate them into another one of stories. He is known for that, as we have discussed and many have already commented on!

    I am so glad that we teamed up to do these read-alongs! They have been a blast!!! :)

  6. I guessed about Dan and Abra’s relationship once we found out that only Concetta knew who Abra’s grandfather was. (Sometimes I think it’s harder to miss things like that in an audiobook, little things you might just skim over while reading in print!) I was sorry Dick Halloran was such a minor character in Doctor Sleep, but it makes sense that he was because Dan was stepping up to the teacher’s position. I’ve enjoyed all the readalong interaction, once I remembered that I was signed up for a readalong! ;) Thank you for hosting!

    • I thought it was fitting that Dick was no longer around… he would have been really old if he was, plus it was just one more pang of regret for Dan about that dark time in his life. I liked the little bit of a role he did play though.

  7. I failed at this read a long. I haven’t been able to really read anything in the last month! Tonight I finally started a book (though I have been reading the crap out of graphic novels this month).

  8. I give this book a big thumbs up. I loved it. Abra is awesome and the book holds one of King’s better endings. Good stuff all around.

    A more in-depth history of the True Knot would be very cool, and I think it should be it’s own book. Maybe if we keep talking about it publicly, King will hear us. Or maybe he already has that book planned. Heh.

    I took the evil hat thing to mean that it was because it was Rose’s. I’m not sure it had any real power of its own. I feel like it was meant to be symbolic.

    I’m so glad you liked it, too!

  9. This read-along has been a lot of fun, thanks for pushing me to read this one — I might not have otherwise. I loved it – it was nice to see King return to a really character driven story and I loved Dan and Abra. I also felt like it was paced really nicely – just the right amount of information, plot, etc. Sometimes he overwhelms you with details, then the ending feels kind of thrown in. Didn’t feel that way here.

    Not sure what I think about the family connection, I never like when things feel too coincidental in books. Clearly there are others who have the shining who aren’t related, so why these two?

    I really want to reread The Shining now.

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I agree that maybe the family connection wasn’t necessary, but it all just worked so well that I didn’t question it.

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