6 comments on “The Fellowship of the Worms: The Passage

  1. You always have the best things to say in book club. The first part of the book to me read a lot like a thriller with the secrecy and the conspiracy and whatnot. I did love Amy and Wolgast together, especially how he tried to save her! I also appreciated the scientific explanation for the virus. I really want to read The Twelve, but I’m trying to decide how to space it out. I mean, if it ends on a cliffhanger more danging than The Passage, my head might explode before City of Mirrors is released!

    • I don’t think it does… but I don’t really remember specifics. I do remember wondering how everything can possibly be resolved in one more book.

  2. Ok so I also had a hard time staying invested after the jump forward in time. It was essentially two different books rammed into one. Also…he so could have shaved off about 300 pages from that monster. I did enjoy the book, i have not read the second yet – why because it is another huge monster of a book and I felt the first one was overstuffed. Will I read the next two? Yes – but I’ll wait til the last one is out and it’s low on my priority list because of the fact of how hefty they are. Not that I don’t like long books but I got really tired of things because I wasn’t attached to the second set of characters that were introduced in the second half.

    • The second book does more of the same… we see some of what happened when the virals first escaped, and then continues with the future characters. I kind of like seeing the bigger picture, but having a split focus does make it hard to get invested in any one story.

  3. I still need to read The Passage! I’ve heard such mixed things, though, that it hasn’t felt like a huge priority. But it sounds like, from what you’ve written, I should really give it a chance.

    • I can see where the mixed reviews come from, but personally I did enjoy it. Cronin definitely takes his time setting things up, though, so maybe not the book to try when you’re in the mood for a quick page-turning read.

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