11 comments on “Sleep Along: Chapters 7-13

  1. I had to catch up and do Chapters 1-13 all in one post today. I also raced through the whole book on audio and didn’t remember to keep track of what happens when! I liked the book a lot, and am enjoying reading everyone’s answers. The insight into Alcoholics Anonymous has been very interesting, along with all the scary stuff one expects from a Stephen King book!

  2. I cannot wait to chat next week. Now that I’m done with the book, I have so much to chat about. The question is where do I begin!! :)

  3. I think I’m waiting on sharing my complete thoughts until the book is complete. I’m not sure if I can avoid spoilers! Loved, loved it though.

    • It’s hard! I had most of this written before I continued reading, but I’m having to be careful in commenting on everyone else’s updates!

  4. Abra overlooking the danger her powers can put her in and focusing on the adventure and excitement is typical young adult behavior. I really like that King balanced, so well, the “older” Abra with the teen she is and wanted to be.
    Chapter 13 was great! I screamed a little at the end when I realized there was more intensity to come!

    • Yes! It was such a mean place to end the week’s reading… but at the same time good because I don’t think I would have been as excited about it if I’d just stopped at the end of Part Two.

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