7 comments on “Review: Note to Self

  1. I read this one a few weeks ago, and felt the same way. It was way different from what I had expected from the synopsis, so that put me off for sure. And the moral was definitely heavy handed!

    • It’s a shame too, because I would have enjoyed the story a lot more if the whole “choose your own fate” thing was a little more subtle. It’s not like I have any problem with the message itself, it just got old being hit over the head with it.

    • After reading the story, I don’t think the synopsis isn’t exactly inaccurate or even misleading… it just has a slightly different focus, I guess. Thanks for stopping by!

      • It’s true that the synopsis isn’t inaccurate. But it hinted too little at the main storyline in this book. Not that this makes it a bad synopsis, but I think there will be a group of readers who will have different ecpectations about the content because of it.

  2. Woah the synopsis sounds awesome. I guess it’s a bit disappointing that the actual book wasn’t quite so exciting. I love sci-fi so the book did interest me from the synopsis, but from your review, it seems as if the world building in the book is kinda crappy. Which is usually one of my deal breakers for scifi books.
    As to what I’d do if my life took a sudden turn for the unexpected- depends on what the “unexpected” is I suppose haha.

    • While I was reading, I was pretty caught up in it… it was mainly after I finished that I started thinking and questioning things. It was pretty good, just not quite what I was expecting. Thanks for stopping by!

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